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Member of the Month ~ October 2018 ~ the Discord Dudes Pt.2 [ft. Swifty and Ryaa]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ October 2018 ~ the Discord Dudes Pt.2 [ft. Swifty and Ryaa]
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Wow, we're early in an interview!
Erik: Well audience, it's the time with The Mod Boys again! This time we have Swifty and Ryaa, tagging in for the two moderators interviewed last month. How's both of you today?
SwiftySky: I'm doing great! ^-^
Ryaa: So far I’m doing pretty awesome.
Erik: That's pretty good!
Erik: Before shoveling in into the topic of moderation, I want to ask a few questions regarding the site itself. How did you guys find out about SMW Hacking and(/or) SMWCentral?
SwiftySky: Well, I figured out what SMWCentral was while looking for .m64 files for Super Mario 64. Along the way, Super Mario World got my attention as well, and I decided to join the Discord server.
Ryaa: If I recall correctly, back in 2011 I saw this video on YouTube involving a custom powerup known as the "Laser Suit" and after seeing it I started searching all over to see where it was from. Through those searches I ended up discovering SMWCentral and eventually began using Lunar Magic.
Erik: Heh, I personally also found out because of the Laser Suit. I don't hack SM64 but it's good to see fellow hackers of that game in our website.
Erik: Well, considering both of you guy's site activity, I take it you prefer the active aura of a chatting platform such as Discord to the traditional message board of the website. What's your full take on that? Maybe I guessed completely wrong.
SwiftySky: Oh, yeah. I prefer active chatting over the message board because it's quick. People usually respond very fast, y'know.
SwiftySky: I haven't really used the message board either, but I don't know what it's really like personally.
Ryaa: I am trying to get myself into the zone to use both platforms efficiently. I gravitate more to discord due to the way I chat. I like to have active conversations and it’s more in my comfort zone to be able to reply back and forth in a texting fashion since I like to talk to many different people a lot.
SwiftySky: I see where Ryaa's coming from, and it's basically that for me along with what I said.
Erik: Yeah, I ended up preferring the Discord to the site because of that reason. Something that didn't happen with the IRC when that thing existed…
Erik: Of course, with a large community in the Discord, there was a need for more moderation. That's where you guys come into play! What motivated you to apply for the position? And what were your thoughts on the Discord before we made the applications?
SwiftySky: Well, what motivated me to apply... it started when I got the ping about open applications from idol, and I put some thought into it, and decided that I wanted to be able to help keep everything in check with the server, which would be challenging because of the activity, which leads into what I thought of the Discord before applying. Before I applied, I thought that the server was one of the most active places out there.
Ryaa: When I first saw that the applications were open, I immediately began to write one up. I’ve always been fascinated at the idea of being able to use my social skills in a way that could help other people. I’m known to be very outspoken and honest and because of this, I have an easier time getting to know people and having a very friendly bond with them. Being able to show this ability as a mod would make it so much easier to keep the peace with the members in the discord server if an issue were to occur
Erik: It's good to hear the disposition and eagerness to help in both of you. How have you guys felt these past months with the job and stuff?
SwiftySky: Well, at first, I didn't know what to feel. I spent some time lurking to see more of what I was working with. Eventually, I started talking more and more, and now I feel like a welcomed moderator in the community.
Ryaa: I feel the same as Swifty. Although I wasn’t as nervous, it feels good having positive reception as a newer mod
SwiftySky: Glad to see I'm not the only one who felt like that.
Erik: I think I'd feel the same way too. It's essential for you to interact with the community, so it's great knowing that you feel comfortable now.
Erik: Do you guys feel that your position as moderators have influenced the way you usually participated with the community? Or do you feel the same, just with The Responsibilities attached to your names?
SwiftySky: Well, it feel that it has influenced me.
SwiftySky: If I weren't a moderator, I would probably be purely a lurker.
Ryaa: I feel the same for the most part. It does feel great to know that I have contributed to some cool stuff here. Going with my last two responses, I was pretty much aware of the responsibilities I would end up having if I became a moderator. I’d say the position has opened a room where I can be even more involved with the community in more ways than just saying hello and checking in like I usually (and still) do
SwiftySky: Definitely.
Erik: It's great to see that your position has made you guys more outgoing. Diversity in the community should always be appreciated.
Erik: Anything else ya guys wanna add?
SwiftySky: Well, there is one thing.
SwiftySky: I want to thank you for the interview, and the other staff for the opportunity to become both Member of the Month and Moderator. It's great to know that I can become a part of the community in this way. I appreciate it, and I hope to continue to be a part of this community.
Erik: It's the least we can do to recognize you guys' effort. Gotta get that sweet color too!
SwiftySky: Oooo!
Ryaa: Same for me. I really appreciate being given this opportunity to show what we can do as individuals and as discord moderators. Thank you so much for that.
Erik: Well I think that wraps up the main part of the interview. Might as well get into the random questions, shall we?
Ryaa: Sure thing.
SwiftySky: Yeah, fine with me.
Erik: aight then. Favorite videogame?
SwiftySky: Well, I'm tied with multiple video games, actually.
Ryaa: Same here. Some of my favorite games include Paper Mario TTYD, Super Mario World, Left 4 Dead, and other stuff like that.
Ryaa: One of my absolute favorite game series is Puyo Puyo though. I play that almost every day. (Done)
SwiftySky: Some of my Favorite:
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic Mania
Super Mario 64
Stardew Valley
The Escapists
Sonic Adventure 2
SwiftySky: That's what I could sum it up to.
Ryaa: The older version of Sonic Unleashed or the modern version for 360 and PS3
Ryaa: Which are you referring to
SwiftySky: The 360/PS3 ports.
Ryaa: Yesss that’s also one of my favorite games
SwiftySky: Neat!
Ryaa: I could go on for hours about that so it’s probably better if I don’t. Haha
Erik: i should prolly play a sonic game lol
Erik: Do you prefer day or nighttime?
SwiftySky: Well, I prefer Day for the speed, but I do enjoy the Night brawling stages.
Ryaa: I love both actually. The nighttime stages are a lot longer which gives more of an opening to explore and all things related to that
SwiftySky: True.
Ryaa: Not to mention that both stage types have really good music. Unfortunately the day stages win there since the really good night stage music always gets cut off by the dumb monster battle theme.
SwiftySky: True also.
Erik: Well, moving on from that. If you could make any game sequel a reality, which franchise would you choose?
SwiftySky: Well, if I were to be honest with you, I would pick Celeste.
Ryaa: Hmmm I have to really think about that one.
Ryaa: I actually don’t think I have a solid answer for that question. Most games I play have/had sequels to them.
Erik: yeah it is hard. I'd pick owlboy honestly.
Erik: aight last question. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
SwiftySky: Well, if it isn't obvious already, I would have Super Speed.
Ryaa: This is probably a very edgy sounding answer but I feel like having the ability to siphon energy from other living beings sounds like a very eventfully drama superpower to have
Ryaa: Either that or kryokinesis
Erik: Well I think that's all there is to it. Do y'all have any finishing words?
SwiftySky: All I can say is thank you again and I hope to continue to be a part of the community.
Ryaa: For me, I want to say that from here on out I will continue doing my best with trying to revive the parts of the community that people haven’t been around so much. Things like Voice Chat and even the Minecraft server. Hopefully with things like that I can really do the best I can to take some stress off of the backs of the rest of you. Otherwise like Swifty said, thanks so much for everything. From here on out I will do everything I can as a server moderator and for the community as a whole.
Erik: That concludes the interview then. Thanks to you guys for your time, and for your contributions to the SMWCentral Discord! And to the audience, until the next one.

I'll read the rest of the interview later, but you two seem like interesting people
Congrats, Discord Dudes! And with a nice interview to boot.

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
You guys seem to be on point on how most of the community is much more active on the Discord server rather than on the forums nowadays. I mean, it makes sense, it's a really chill platform and it's much easier to talk there than here except for people like me who suck at keeping track of quick conversations

Congrats on the interview!
very good,congrats on the interview!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ October 2018 ~ the Discord Dudes Pt.2 [ft. Swifty and Ryaa]

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