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Opinions on coin collecting

How do you feel about collecting coins in hacks for rewards other than extra lives?

One of the common alternatives for coins in SMW hacks is the shop system. How do you feel about this?

Are you interested in seeking out more coins and possibly replaying levels if the reward is great enough? What kind of rewards would satisfy you for ample coin collection in a SMW hack.

Just trying to gather some input here.
It varies from game to game, but in SMW hacks, I don't think shops are fun. That's because coins aren't enough fun to explicitly farm for. It's nice to pick them up as you go, but it's probably not a good idea to rely on them for important rewards.

In my hack, I sprinkle coins like crazy - levels feel boring and empty without them - but only use them to unlock easter-egg-ish things (changes player graphics whenever you have 99 lives, similar to what I think NSMBWii did).


I agree. I think Shops in Mario-styled games annoy me more than anything. Most people like collecting coins without thinking about them, so making them a requirement for anything in the game makes them feel like a chore.
I like coins just as a mean to get extra lives. I think I'd like them if all they did was show how many you got throughout the whole game, really.

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I don't mind having shops/etc provided I never, ever feel the need to farm them.

Coins should definitely exist, though. Even if they're entirely useless, collecting them as you go is inherently fun.
Replaying a level to get all yoshi coins can be fun if those are well-placed, but replaying it to get coins... I mean, as others said, it's fun to collect them on the go, not when they are a requisite for something important.
For shops if they can unlock extra content, like sound test or something, then they're fine, though dragon coins suit better for stuff like this. If they're used to buy power-ups, that can be only obtained here (if you restrict fire flowers or feathers only to be obtained by purchasing them, because otherwise it feels pointless, since you can obtain them by entering completed levels), I don't think it's good, because you have to collect coins to get power-up, which you can miss easily if you get hurt, which feels kinda forced.

Replaying levels for coins is ehh, unless you're running out of lives. 1-ups and DCs are more efficient and more satisfying to collect (but that depends on hack design). Again, as some people already said, they're more fun to collect as you go, without being forced to do so.

I feel like they should be there for the "Mario atmosphere" factor. Other than that, I can't think of a good function for them.

...Unless they can turn you into Super Sonic.
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Make coins matter, make it not be a chore to collect them unless it's a chore on purpose.

I use coins to power an Item Roulette, and to extend the timer (which, incidentally, makes coins a potentially deadly obstacle if the level timer is set to zero). That makes coins very central to the gameplay. Some levels give you plenty of time and collecting coins may strictly be optional. Maybe you need every second you can get and the placement of each coin really matters.

You get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

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I like the idea. I like when you have something else to do than just playing the levels to get the goal, if there's a reward.
I like the shop thing. I like unlockables with Yoshi coins.
That's really something interesting. Maybe not in a Kaizo hack, but otherwise I like it.
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I like collecting them when they placed in well thought out positions. It is also pretty rewarding to collect them in bonus areas dedicated to getting coins.

Personally I like just having Yoshi Coins / Red Coins / Star Coins in my hacks and having no lives.
Means the player still has something to search out but they don't need to worry about dying over and over and having to go through the Game Over screen.
I'm more with WYE on shops but for my own reasons.

My reasons for why a shop system wouldn't necessarily work well with SMW hacks that do not have systematic changes to their fundamental rules of play that defined Mario platformers till Odyssey, are listed below:

1. The inherent pointlessness of lives by the fact saving your progress exists in regular bursts.
2. The fact that you can re-access levels by default in SMW and in many SMW hacks to farm some coins, power-ups, and lives in these levels over going to a designated location and spending an arbitrary amount of coins (or whatever it is that you have as currency) to buy a powerup or lives that you could otherwise be getting em all for free if you know where to look for in the game's own levels it offers to you.
3. It trivializes level difficulty.

Its something that many hack creators do not really think about on that when they do decide to add in a shop system and expect that it would enrich the experience under the condition that it would work with the aforementioned rules of play, but really and truly it doesn't for that reason. If you want to add a shop system in your game, why not consider fundamentally changing up the way lives, saving, accessing levels, and power-up systems work in your hack and consider that if you want to incentivize using the shop system that you have exclusive items that you cannot get anywhere else in your hack.

The only two exceptions to what I said here is if the shop is mainly meant for cosmetic purposes such as buying player character skins or for optional game modes not part of normal gameplay (the latter you should also be more careful about thinking tho), which would work for a traditional Mario gameplay.
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I am honestly having difficulty finding any way coin collecting would be entertaining in Mario World. Aside from the sheer thrill and adrenaline rush you get when entering a room drowned in coins... "YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! COINS!"

... Unless you figure out a way you can unlock secret levels by collecting a certain number of coins? Perhaps?
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Could always go the SM64 route and have a meaningless maximum coins collected counter for each level. Everyone loves maxing out numbers.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
Could always go the SM64 route and have a meaningless maximum coins collected counter for each level. Everyone loves maxing out numbers.

Hey, this is actually a good idea if you disable enemies dropping coins after fireball impact. I might try that.
You can make the idea of shoping worth by implementing the 6 digit cont, and implement for example a shop with expensive custom power-ups right in the first world, the player will collect coins normaly, and when they have a good amount they may remember those power-ups
Other option (one that I was think to use in a hack eventualy in case I ever do one) is a "locked" level, where you can buy a Key to complete it, it wouldn't be really a shore if every level has a good amount of coins and bonus room, and the player eventualy in the middle of the hack had enough coins to come back and unlock that level, it would be something to the player look foward, and you could even implement coins that worth 10. 20, 50, 100 coins further the game to make sure the player would get those amount of coins, even put those valiable coins in bonus rooms would make the player to be more explorative through the levels.
If you execute the idea well it could be fun and not a boring and repetitive chore of collecting coins #smw{;)}
Well, I try to get as many coins as possible, apart from getting extra lifes, to unlock certain areas in some levels from some hacks. Also, in some Super SIG World hacks, when you get Dragon/Yoshi coins, you reveal a door to get a secret exit. And, of course, in some hacks there are shops with powerups, improvements or hints. So I think coin collecting is a great idea.
Shop systems are extremely tricky in a game like this simply because it's really difficult to make it meaningful for the player. You have to change other elements to make coins have value. I think it works really well as a currency to purchase items for a SMB3-style overworld inventory, or perhaps to acquire something else that is not obtainable in any other way. Pay 50 coins to reset the level timer. Coin-op POW block? Extended P-switch? Paying for garden-variety items is kind of a waste unless basic powerups are scarce.

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