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What's your favorite SMW custom music?
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Mine is either the "Lazy Town - We Are Number One!" port by Wakana or the "SONIC.EXE - ..." port by HarvettFox96
And while it's not my favorite, I think the "Super Mario Kart - Rainbow Road" port by Ultima sounds better than the one from the original game. I think that song sounds better with SMW instruments.
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your layout font is impossible to read. please change it because i can barely read what you've written

I really like the original waluigi pinball port. the new one is good but a little too produced, the original port is so dorky sounding i love it.
Pretty much all of the unsampled Donkey Kong Country ports are good.
I also really like Wakana's port of the Bowser Castle theme from Mario Kart DS, Ultima's Sandopolis Zone Act 1 port, Gamma V's Volcano Valley Act 1 port, both of WyattCroucher's Super Marisa Land overworld ports (marisaw3 and marisaw7), the Sammer Kingdom port, the Buoy Base port, Wakana's ports of Our Hisou Tensoku and Rumia's theme, and LadiesMan217's ports of the final boss and flower garden theme from Yoshi's Island (actually, pretty much all of his unsampled ports seem to be pretty good).
you made your font so much harder to read what are you doing
Originally posted by Hobz
you made your font so much harder to read what are you doing

So glad there's a button to turn off layouts xD

this is my favorite

Paul '96
I remember really enjoying Stickerbush Symphony way back when I heard it in the Fourth Sector (I never played DKC2, so that was my first time hearing the song).

At this point it's been long enough to feel deeply nostalgic for it and other hacks I played back then, which is really cool when I think about it.
Pretty much anything by Sinc-X, 6646 (or 757, boldowa, etc) and Papa Lui are pretty cool in my book #smw{:TUP:}

There's also MaxodeX, Pinci and musicalman as honorable mentions too btw, before I forget #wario{;)}
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For me it's a toss up between 'Into the Thick of it' from Secret of Mana, ported by Masterlink and 'Moonsong' from Cave Story ported by 6646
Mine will be Mega man 9 were the robots mm7 remix ported by Lui37 seriously that song is rocking!
I'm not picking a specific one for this. I especially love songs that I heard in Let's Play/gameplay videos back when I was ~10 years old. Those will stick with me forever despite not being the best ports by a long shot.

Of recent times however, the Spider Dance rendition by Wakana last year was straight fire, about equal to what the original is. Not the best song in general but the way they remade it is awesome. Another honorable mention includes that remixed Overworld theme you hear during the first portion of 100 Rooms of Enemies. That one rocks and I kind of pretend to include the extra notes whenever I hear the original again.

If Nico Nico Douga counts, that completely oblirates the opposition. But of course it doesn't.
Originally posted by Minuy600
If Nico Nico Douga counts, that completely oblirates the opposition. But of course it doesn't.

does this count tho
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Fanatical like a Demon
Worldpeace's port of TwinBee Yahho! - Twin Flight. I think as of right now, this might be my favorite port SMWC hosts in the music section.
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There are alot of good custom musics that i really like but if i had to choose two to call my favorites i'd say Super Meatboy - Hot Damned by Torchkas and Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Battlefield by Pinci.

Little Master: Niji Iro no Maseki - Forest of Labyrinth, by tcdw, for some reason.

As I said on my twitter, it makes me wanna play the source game.


There are a lot of 1:1 ports and technically impressive custom songs out there but Asterix & Obelix - The Mountains ported by ggamer77 is my slam jam. I first heard it in Deeke's hack and literally listened to all 4000+ individual songs here for 3 hours one afternoon trying to find it, gave up, and he told me it was in a soundtrack submission... like the only file I didn't check. #tb{XD} Mother 3 - Hard Rain is runner-up for favorite.

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It's impossible to determine my favorite port of all time, but there's one I've ALWAYS liked since day one is SaGa 2 - Boss Battle. Either original or remix. No specified author.
The underwater remix (track 17) from VLDC8 is probably my single favorite custom track. I love absolutely everything about it.
I was showing off this hack to my friends and family and everyone went nuts with excitement when the recurring Super Mario World melodies swelled up. It's a really beautiful track. My brother still says to me every now and then just how much he loves this piece of music.
Last Bible 3 - Underworld Forest
SMWC⬇️ - YouTube

That's my all time favourite. I'd like to do all the music for my own hacks, but if I do take just one from the site it's this one.

This port of Final Fantasy VI - Phantom Train still remains my favorite port so far. There's a few other contenders, but this is the song port that made me want to make a level for VLDC12 before unfortunate events happened that forced me to skip out on participating.


There are lots of good SPCs out there. Cursed Cathedral is one of the best original compositions. Metallic Madness (Past) is a solid port.

But my all-time favorite track has to be the Abstract Map from VLDC 9. It's ambient and mysterious in all the right ways. Can't get enough of it.
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