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How can I make a custom map/overworld?

I know how to edit levels, but that would be better if my hack has a custom map. But I don't know how to change level location on the map and how events work. I also want to change the land formation. Is there any tutorial or anyone who can help me? Thanks a lot!
This, along with an uberasmtool tutorial, are the only important tools without a tutorial on the site. The best you can get is the help files of lunar magic alongside some youtube tutorials (be aware, some of them are fairly outdated).
Thanks a lot! I will follow your advice. Just one more thing, let's suppose I want to include ASM in some levels (for example gradient for BGs, those ASM that Japanese hackers use in their hacks or those used in VLDC), how could I insert that? Maybe I should make another thread, but I guess we are in the SMW Hacking Forum.
Perhaps, if you're entirely new to overworld editing, this tutorial, albeit dated, shows the creative process, and might be of some help. Its key issue is that it doesn't discuss how to create pathways and levels, but it can be useful in your case, if you can find a separate tutorial to explain that which this lacks.
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Aside from some minor aspects of Events, I learned almost everything I know about overworld editing from YouTube.
Thank you people for the help!
Well, I've been messing with the Overworld Editor and made a simple overworld, here is a screenshot (I couldn't make a better one, apologies)

I've seen tutorials and videos, but I still don't understand about the events. Also, the Overworld doesn't display the yellow and red dots for levels, the switch and the castle. Did I missed something or failed during the process? Thanks a lot!
The overworld is made out of two parts: Layer 1, the "foreground", and layer 2, the "background". Level tiles, castles, etc. are part of layer 1 and have to be set manually.
This is the Youtube video I used to learn how to make overworld events. Very helpful video! I recommend you favorite it because you'll be watching it a lot, haha~

And that is definitely a good start to a first overworld for learning. Just keep at it and you'll get it eventually.
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Thanks for your words MFG and Rotten Moustache! I will follow your recommendations!