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Abuse and Die 3 by AbuseFreakHacker

File Name: Abuse and Die 3
Submitted: by TheAbuseFreakHacker
Authors: TheAbuseFreakHacker
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Hard
Description: An extreme unfair hack with a lot of custom stuff and pure frustration. I did not pay for any damage you cause!
In general, this is quite an enjoyable hack with lots of creative setups. Sadly I have to reject this because of issues with the overworld, which make this hack impossible to complete.

After completing the fourth level (level 117, "Cave Craziness"), Mario spawns in the wrong spot on the overworld. This probably happens because of the usage of sprite 0x19 ("Display Level Message 1") in the level.
Fixing this should be easy - hit Shift+F8 in Lunar Magic to install a fix. Note that the pipe on the next submap also isn't set up correctly; it doesn't have "Enable Left" checked. Please test your hacks before submitting them to SMWC.

I also have no idea how to complete level 107 "Perplexity" - I played up to this point, only to see these munchers. They're absent in the playthrough uploaded on youtube and I have no idea how to bring both a mushroom and 50 coins into this room.
I didn't play the levels after Perplexity.

The levels themselves are mostly fine from what I've played, with some clever usage of rarely-seen glitches.
However, some of them require glitches with custom resources, which isn't good design - I suggest you remove the rooms that require non-intuitive glitches with the screen-scrolling pipes (e.g. sublevel 44).

Minor issues:
- The overworld contains some instances of cutoff (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
- In subroom 113 (Cave Craziness), you can enter the ceiling which could potentially break the level
- Glitched tiles
- There's no point in keeping the fish alive, as the water goes down if you wait
- How am I supposed to know that collecting a 1-Up teleports me?
- How am I supposed to know that scrolling the screen lets me jump?
- Glitched tiles, also only one key is needed here
- The screen wrapping in this sublevel is very aggressive, maybe add a ceiling? Also glitched particles
- This thing has a weird hitbox
- In Perplexity, if you exit sublevel FE with a mushroom, the upper portion of level 13 can be skipped entirely
File Name: Abuse and Die 3 3 Level Demo
Submitted: by AbuseFreakHacker
Authors: AbuseFreakHacker
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Hard
Description: One of my best Kaizo hack, unfortunately only 3 levels because I still have a lot to fix.

The line in screen 2 of sublevel 50 doesn't extend far enough up, making the platform fall down instead of going onto the next line. I don't think the level is possible in its current state, so I'll have to reject this hack for now.

Also, abusing glitches that are introduced by custom resources isn't good design, especially if they are counter-intuitive. A particularly bad case of this is sublevel 44, in which I had to look up the solution.

Furthermore, neither "custom", "glitch abuse", "kaizo hard" nor "vanilla-ish" are valid tags. Don't use them in the future as they'll get removed anyway.

Apart from that it's a good hack though, so please resubmit this when you've fixed everything.
File Name: Abuse and Die 3
Authors: TheAbuseFreakHacker
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Hard
Description: I originally wanted to release a 5 level demo, but many levels need to be fixed!

Therefore, only one level.
stage 1 is here
A new demo containing two additional levels was submitted.