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I want to show screenshots of my progress in SMW Hacking

I don't know if this is the suitable forum to post this, because I haven't visited the forums so much, but I have one problem. I made a screenshot from my emulator to show an small overworld, but I don't know how to show it here. I tried pasting the image but it didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
That belongs to Site Questions, Feedback & Bugs.

You can use one of the various image hosters around the internet (e.g. Imigur). Alternatively, SMWC reservers 2MiB of space you can use. You can use this space by accessing the file bin where you can upload your image (or basically anything not too large or illegal).

You then can put the image in your post per the image tag (that's done with pressing the blue square on the status bar). Linking the image works too (green underlined A on the status bar).
Thanks MFG!