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LernenBoy's Adventure 1.0.9v by Bencehun12

File Name: LernenBoy's Adventure 1.0.9v
Submitted: by Bencehun12
Authors: Bencehun12
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 91 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Ez a romhack egy magyar Sztrímernek készült...

LernenBoynak (ahogy a cím mondja)

Köszönöm mindenkinek a közremüködését meg a segítségét.

Szerintem ez a romhack rohadt hosszú és hááát egy kicsit nehíz. És néhol van egy pár gliccs benne. De ezeken kivül szerintem élvezhető a romhack.

És nem fogom angolra lefordítani :D

Okay in English...

I maked a hack for an Hungarian youtuber, LernenBoy.

And than I thought I could post this hack here...

Well this hack is a bit hard and there are so many glitches...

But I quess this rom hack is still enjoyable...

I played through world 1, and if world 1 is any indication of the general quality of the hack, then this is just not the kind of quality we're looking for in the hacks section.

Overall the levels are just not good, occasionally very ugly, and rely too much on bullet bill generators to lift up poor level design. Screenshots are also far too small; take proper screenshots using your emulator's screenshot tool.

This green is just really ugly and it's everywhere.

Kaizo block killed me in level 2. |-O

Massive slowdown just from the sheer amount of sprites.

This also marks the beginning of the heavy use of bullet bill shooters throughout the world. Bullet Bill spam everywhere just makes what was already questionable level design worse, and the version that spawns bullet bills randomly from the side is just a bad sprite and don't use it ever.

Bad sprite memory rears its ugly head.

Completely blind jump would have killed me if I didn't have a cape. Also a fuzzy has escaped from its prison.

The secret exit of this level is also really bad. Flying over the goal for a secret exit is already not good design, and then the pipe takes you back to what looks like the beginning of the level. Hide your secret exits properly and don't resort to tricking the player like this.

Bad sprite memory returns. Also you can run over the top of the level from this point until you get to the midpoint.

This level is just sprite spam. None of the sprites that jump out of blocks even make sense because they're all placed too far below the ground.

Unedited star road submap. Star Road 1 doesn't have a secret exit.

Put some effort into it. #w{:s}