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it is there 3 version of Lunar Magic for windows 3.11 (win32s)

I have tested with my old windows 3.11 laptop Lunar Magic
and 3 version have functon Lunar Magic 1.51 Lunar Magic 1.62
Lunar Magic 1.63 here is a picture of my old pc

mod edit: don't stretch tables.
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Nifty. It's possible just dropping the relocation table is what stopped later versions from working, though the compiler was switched much later too.
Do you have Microsoft golf on that bad boy.
Dude you just got a reply from FuSoYa himself. That is pretty effing rad. As a Lunar Magic user and obsessor of 10+ years, I would be honored.
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Hey, TNTMAN332, two tips:
-You don't need to create a new thread when you already have an open thread about the same topic. I'll go ahead and close the other thread. Please try to keep this in mind for the future.
-The "Resource & Tool Releases" subforum, as mentioned in the guidelines, is only for discussions on actual releases or WIPs of tools. I'll move this thread to hack discussion.

A Lunar Magic discussion thread also exists in Resource & Tool Releases already, so for Lunar Magic-related discussions, I recommend using that thread instead of creating a new one.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Whew, you never impressed me that much before! Congrats on launching such a recent version of Lunar Magic on such an old computer. I'd never do this if I didn't have such an old PC or virtual machine.

Also do you think launching a certain version of an SNES emulator would be also possible?
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
clear but who's version SNES of 2000 then give
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so I found some emulator for windows 3.11 (names) list:
Gb Nes Snes Ps1 Sega here are a few pictures of the emulator

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Time to downgrade back 3.1
yes, yes
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I thought running Windows gadgets from Vista on XP was insane.
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why not
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This got me thinking I can hack on my phone using 3.11 in dosbox. What's the newest version you can run. I wonder the same for 95?
for win95 phone clearly why not
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What is the latest version you can run?
under win95 go all lunar magic version but under win3.11 go only 3 version with win32s

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Windows 95 is still the minimum officially supported OS for LM, so no surprise it works there. Though you'll want to use at least Win95B, or LM will disable custom toolbar images and tooltips for sprites/objects (or alternatively you can replace the 4.x version of the common controls library (commctrl.dll) with at least version 4.70... it used to come bundled with IE back then).
Hm that's interesting. I got 3.11 loaded on my phone and realized I had no way to put LM in a .img
I'll give 95 a try too, curious if it will lag on the phone.
good idea
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The mouse emulation sucks. It won't happen I guess.