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it is there 3 version of Lunar Magic for windows 3.11 (win32s)

Does it take a long time? It says opening rom... But it never opens.
why not try with windows nt 3.51
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by TNTMAN332
why not try with windows nt 3.51

It Works !

(Click to open full size image)

Windows NT 3.51 can run Lunar Magic 3.11 !

This layout was designed by... Me lol.

SMWMTL Version 2.22 released on July 03, 2022 !
Download now !

In my life, I released one of the worst SMW Hack, and I did not put a link to download it here because I want my credibility and my image. But you can click on this point -> . <-

Still rocking Windows 7 in 2022 ! :)
Windows 10 s*cks !