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Applying the Kaze More Object Patches

Hello, I am trying to convert my rom hack from SM64 Editor to ROM Manager and I seem to have forgotten exactly how to apply Kaze's More Objects patches onto my rom without having it crash.

All of these errors happen on SM64Editor as well too.
If I ppf patch before or after putting into ROM Manager and don't update checksum the rom is stuck in a permanent loop
If I ppf patch before or after putting into ROM Manager and do update checksum Project64 crashes.
If I try to extend rom before adding ppf patch then open in ROM Manager it has an error and won't open rom.

The default memory space on Project64 is 8 for every rom and the rom I have is 8,192kb.


Is there anything obvious I am forgetting to do when preparing the rom that you notice? I need to start fresh on a new rom for me to upload areas into levels because my version of SM64 Editor isn't compatible with area importers and have been trying to make this work by trial and error or looking for answers on different threads/websites for around 2 months and haven't had any luck.
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yeah i wouldnt convert your sm64editor rom to rom manager rom