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Mario - The Mysterious Gem [Demo Release] [World 8 W.I.P]

Hello everyone, for a long time I have not visited here, in this long time I have been able to improve my abilities regarding ow design and level design.

So, here's my hack..


"Mario was trapped in hell by Bowser. Bowser kidnaps the princess, he now looks for a mysterious gem...)"



World 1:

World 2:

World 3:

World 4:


1-1 Gameplay

Current Progress:

World 1: Complete

World 2: Complete

World 3: Complete

World 4: Complete

World 5: Complete

World 6: Complete

World 7: Complete

World 8: In progress

Okay, I have to say: good history. It's quite a tale to tell, Mario going to hell as punishment and such. Interesting concept too, as we rarely have a lava hell as the world 1 (everyone use the same overrated grassland theme). The maps... are well-designed, and you did a good choice with the colors. As for the first level... the theme seems okay with the world, so no bad comments about this. The palette seems OK, and the design too.

Looking forward to new updates.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Thank you,

I'm thinking of something to do for level 1-3, I don't know if I give segment to 1-2 (something like a continuation or something like that).

Also I do not know what graphics to use, maybe a mix between vanilla in smb3 (overused)?

Who cares if it's overused? If you like it go for it! There's too much attention payed toward what overused on this site. It's your game!
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Yeah, you're right, but now i got some ideas, i'm thinking of doing a mix of ruins and cave.

Here's a screenshot of level 1-3 (WIP)

It's looking pretty nice for the first few screens, and I'm digging the palette quite a lot. But it's a little bit too expansive and complicated for my taste.

That's the best way to build a level. Leave an outline first and then fill it in at the end. #wario{B)}
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This level is not finished but I already have an idea ready for the next level, I will use the same gimmick of chocolate island 4, I've saw a few hacks using this gimmick, even though it is interesting.

Level 1-3 almost finished, soon i will post here some gameplay gifs and some images.

I have a feeling that "gem" is supposed to be the Master Emerald from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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No, it's not, it's a coincidence.

How do you get out of hell?
Through a pipe, why not?

I mean that is the main method of transportation in the Mario universe.
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Correcting, it's through a star.

Ok, level 1-3 finished, i'm thinking in world 2, what theme it can be, forest? Swamp?

A swamp-forest
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Level 1-5 progress image.

Level 1-5 almost finished, I've Started the developing of 1-Fortress, palletes are ready.

And... I've made some changes to World 1.

And to finish, I'm planning to add HDMA on level 1-1.

Finished level 1-5.

I've ripped some Overgrown Ruins GFX for the 1-fortress.