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Mario - The Mysterious Gem [Demo Release] [World 8 W.I.P]

Oh... if that's the case, ok. I didn't know about the beta level, though. Also, I can see it will differ from SMB3's 1-4 because of the platform used. Looking forward to see the complete level.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Ok, the development of the hack will be paused. Motives: Internet and School related things.

When i return, i will post a screenshot of 2-3. 2-4 Can be a cave or something like that.

2-3 Finished!

Click Here for the image!

Soon i will start working on 2-4.

Oh, i'm sorry, little mistake, fixed. Try now!

Progress on level 2-4!


I'm using an very good choconilla hack as inspiration.

More progress on 2-4.


Almost finished...

Level 2-4 Finished!

You can see here!

(Still lacks enemies, coins and blocks, but it's pratically finished).

The midpoint seems a bit disproportionate.
Maybe find a place earlier in the level to even it out?

Other then that visually it looks really nice.
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Don't Worry about the midpoint thing, i will move it when i polish the level completly.

2-5 Progress: Here!

(I deleted the previous post because I thought it would be better to post it this way.) 2-5 Finished!

Cool atmosphere you got here, MS. I'm looking forward to see more of your work. Your aesthetic's sense is going well for this hack.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Progress on 2-6, here!

2-6 finished:

Here's some very W.I.P images of 2-7:

2-7 almost finished.

One more level and i will release a demo.

This hack demo will be awesome
2-7 Finished.

2-8 images (W.I.P).

2-8 Finished! Demo will be released today!