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Mario - The Mysterious Gem [Demo Release] [World 8 W.I.P]

I'm glad you changed the FG's GFX for your 2-8 stage, MS; your level style was getting quite a bit repetitive, since the colors are almost the same. A light variation between the levels in the palette department would be a good thing to do before you release the demo, anyways.

Dream team (feed them, please):


First demo released!

Removed because it has much errors, fixing it and i will resend it!

Ok, done, fixed all errors and resended the hack!

Great job on your demo @Mr. M.S. and keep up the great work on next upcoming levels.
World 3 W.I.P Image!

More progress on World 3!

Originally posted by Mr. MS
More progress on World 3!

The World 3 have 8 or 9 levels? (bridge level?)
What's the theme of your World 3? Grassland?
Yes, grassland, and will have 8 levels (no bridge level).

3-1 Finished!

LM 3 has been released and i'm updating some levels like 1-1 and 1-2. I'm expanding these levels and enhancing others, and fixing some errors.

That dark, almost steely blue background of hills looks very striking against the greens and light browns. It's a unique look that's very nice.
I don't think I've seen these tiles before. I really like them.
Ok, I have to say that I was very happy when I started to do the hack and the levels, but that happiness blinded me a little and I did not do a self-criticism, because I will redo all the levels until they are fun and not boring, and with The repetition, maximum creativity, and having a greater dedication, I think it is also good to do this to improve my learning and to enable me more.

World 1 Recreated.

World 2 Received some edits.

Little test on world 1

Yo that's pretty rad how you do that?
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I've applied HDMA on the map.

Lately I've been improving various things from previous levels like: palettes, GFXs, the levels structures has changed too, and I'm also creating a new 2-2 that will now be a cave level.

Also, i've updated World 3's palletes

It's not often that you see HDMA waves on the overworld, so that's definitely an eye-catcher! You might want to try dimming the effect just a little (i.e. decreasing the amplitude), or even making the waves vertical instead, so they don't move as much relative to the tiles on layer 2.

World 3's palette looks pretty delicious! Definitely an improvement, although the one a couple of posts up wasn't bad at all. I like those lush shades of green.

Yeah, i've changed the HDMA to vertical waves, and look, we thought the same thing, because i also found that the effect is looking a bit strong, soon I will post a new gif showing the effect again, this time, vertical and weaker.

World 1 HDMA:

New 2-2: