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Mario - The Mysterious Gem [Demo Release] [World 8 W.I.P]


Some 3-2 Screenshots

It's very good to handle with this hack, it's fun and good to get around with it, there's a bit of delay due to a bit of demotivation in these last weeks, but I'm still developing the hack, I plan to finish level 3-3 (Cave) and then think what I will do later.

So... if someone still cares about this hack(or this thread) besides me, so, lately i've been improving or redoing each level, i still need to finish the world 3 and release another demo.

Here's a W.I.P of a level that i'm redoing.

This level looks pretty good. I like the ground+cave tile mixing and the scenery placement everywhere.
Hello everyone! I want to show some news in the hack.
First of all, I've changed some things from worlds 2 and 3, like palettes and gfx.
In general I changed and I'm changing the gfx of my hack.

World 1's actual look:

World 2's actual look:

World 3's actual look:

Now, about the levels...

Level 2-7 Completly redone:

Redoing Level 2-1:

Some Screenshots of 3-5:

So.. i've decided to recreate Magnum Forest 3, here's a w.i.p image:

Click here

World 3 is almost finished (I still need to do the castle), so i decided to make world 4 to save time.

World 4:

World 3's Castle (W.I.P): Click Here

World 3's Castle finished: Click Here

So... i've started to work on 4-1: Click here to see

4-1 Finished Click Here

Finished 4-2: Click Here

I've already started 4-3 but, i'm still wondering which exGFX i will use.

4-3 Finished:

So... i've finished 4-4:

So.. i've made an update on level 4-1's palette. Here's a before and after (Left=Before Right=After):

4-6 Done:

Okay, it has been a long time since the last post, but anyway, i've updated the OP since world 4 is finished, but I don't want to delve into it.

So, I want to talk about world 5, inspired by another colleague's project, I decided to make a world of abstract theme, here it is: Click here (SEIZURE WARNING! The image is a gif and the world contains some flashing colors).

I'll show you some of the levels that are already done.

Level 1 (Unnamed (for now)):

Level 2 (Glass Onion):

And i think that's it for now.

So, I'm developing another level, this is the level 5-3, it's name is "Helium Rain" and this level contains a grayish tone for it's palettes.

Here's some screenshots: