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Mario - The Mysterious Gem [Demo Release] [World 8 W.I.P]

Here's some new screenshots of 8-5:

Finished 8-5, here's some screenshots:

So, i've decided to give 2-3 a new pallete, here's the before and after:



So, finally, we reached the last level of the hack, it's called "The Final Showdown", i must admit that i'm currently very indecisive and also very anxious because the hack is reaching it's final stage of it's development, it was 2 years invested in this hack, many things have been changed from over there, i'm really happy with the result i got. So, here's some screenshots of 8-6:

Hello, Mr. MS, as I can see, the screenshots of your hack are awesome! Also, I can't wait to beta-test this hack, and I think it will be posted on Hack testing forum very shortly. Great job!
7 years using I think that's not enough.

For the world 2 overworld, can you replace the SMRPG Forest Maze track with Imamelia's better version, which was used in Yoshi's Strange Quest.

Mod edit: table stretch begone.
No, because i like the unsampled version.

This rom hack looks fun! I'm excited to see the final world complete.#smw{:TUP:}
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So when can we download, patch and play the demo? #ab{:)}
Originally posted by MarioAndLuigi404
So when can we download, patch and play the demo? #ab{:)}
Hello and welcome!

His most recent demo is here and you can read and see more in his C3 thread.

This hack is very polished and fun-looking. I hope I eventually get around to playing it soon!

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