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Set Counters to X Value by Darkbloom

File Name: Set Counters to X Value
Submitted: by DarkBOO!m
Authors: DarkBOO!m
Type: Level, Game Mode
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This will let you set various RAM addresses to whatever you want upon entering the level or sublevel - right now it lets you set the number of coins, the number of .

It'll also let you get rid of Yoshi upon entering the level, but unfortunately he stays on screen for a frame before the INIT code runs and it looks kind of goofy.
It has following issues:
-If you enter level with yoshi, and uberASM is set to kill yoshi, it kills yoshi, but yoshi drums still persist

-I don't know if "!inplay" option (changes player in level) is necessary, especially since it can lead to some glitches (for example entering level with mario and dying/completing level by luigi causes mario to disappear on OW, and luigi appear at his (luigi's) starting position in 1-player game).

-What bugs me the most is it doesn't allow user to disable/enable filters. If user want's do disable coin counter filter or power-up filter and etc. they have to remove lines related with that. It's not very user friendly. You can use if statements and option variables for that.

-In speaking of if statements, the code could've been optimized by using them. If user want's to set value to zero, instead of using LDA : STA you can use STZ, like this

If not(!coinnumber)
  STZ !coin
  LDA #!coinnumber
  STA !coin

for yoshi destruction

LDA !noYoshi
BEQ Return

can be

If !noYoshi
;destruction loop code