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Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest 2018 | Discussion & Resources


I hope this is not a dumb question, but will they be really overcritical since Trihex is playing it on a real SNES? I'm using SNES v1.56, and you can access the level from 1-1. I am working really hard on testing, but what I mean is, I was going to try to have custom music if I have time or I might just use one of the ones that came w/Addmusic since I do not know how to make custom music. I hope that is okay, but I do not have a way to test my level on a real SNES. Is it okay if I submit one version w/out the music and one w/the music? I don't want to get disqualified, but will they try it on different emulators too?

Also, I think Rykon did something like this too, but I will probably have three different doors so I assume I have to state where all of the red coins are in each door to make it possible to get 100%.
I don't believe there are any issues related to running custom YI music on a real SNES, but if you feel like submitting an alternate version without music go ahead.

Also, just to be clear, the help file doesn't have to be a full in-depth walkthrough for every collectible in the stage. It can be as little as simply stating the number of red coins/flowers we should have at the end of each room. Feel free to provide pointers for the trickier collectibles, but you don't need to explain all of them if that's too much effort.
There's just over 1 week left in the contest! Start getting those entries in!
Originally posted by XenonZED
There's just over 1 week left in the contest! Start getting those entries in!

So, this is pretty much an emotional message. Though ever since I've worked on my entry for this contest, I've found a great appreciation in using the Golden Egg tool and generally developing my own levels. So, I want to thank XenonRED for hosting this contest and allowing me to experience this field of hacking. If this contest didn't occur, I might've never thought of hacking this game in the first place. Even though I am new to the SMWC community and the general concept of hacking, I found participating in level-based contests and expressing your thoughts and ideas in a level-based format generally relaxing and enjoyable. It's a great way to formulate experience and express yourself.

Even with trying to work on this submission, though, I may not be able to submit for this contest due to real-life activities and events taking up for time developing a level. Though even if I don't submit, I generally will remember having fun with this concept, and I hope more of these Yoshi's Island-based hacking contests come up more often. So, thanks XenonRED for hosting this contest, and I hope more contests like these come up in the coming 2019 year. #ab{:)}

I hope you do well. See you soon!
I agree. It seems like Christmas was really busy, and I have to work tomorrow morning, but I want to try to work more on my level this week so I can get done it as soon as possible. I will probably need a short extension if people think that is all right, and I want too make a good level and possibly add custom music and a name for it, but I cannot think of a good name. It has different themes, and I will probably have a room in the castle that leads to three doors and after that a short final room.

Edit: There is a BPS patch in the My Files section if anyone wants to try it and give me some ideas on a good level name.
@Lespna1: I'm not sure what BPS file was I supposed to find. If it's, then you should check the level. It crashes on ZMZ.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
@Lespna1: I'm not sure what BPS file was I supposed to find. If it's, then you should check the level. It crashes on ZMZ.

No, it's the newer one. It's newsmw2_002.bps or something like that. I hope it's better. I still have to test the submarine room, and I know it does not lead to the right room. I'm not all the way done yet, but the first two doors are done, and I want to do one more maybe and then a short final room.

Edit: I do not use ZMZ. I tested it on SNES9 v1.56.

Edit 2:I think I fixed the submarine room and tested it. There is a trick to get past it. Should I put a hint about that in the Readme file? I don't know if it's too hard to figure out. Door 2 works fine.
I checked your entry. While it's better designed, it still has some things, like level entrance being a bit wrong and upside-down clouds with faces. There are actually more things wrong. Play the level to see.
Just curious, but when will Trihex play the entries on his Twitch channel?

Also, I forgot to state that I tested my level in SNES9x v1.56 or 1.56.2, I think. It's the newest version.
I think current plans are for them to be streamed this coming Monday, the 7th.
Sorry to ask, but since the entries are fewer, does it mean the results will appear a little faster? Just saying.
Quick announcement: trihex will be judging the entries live, on stream, tonight starting at 8-9 PM EST at
I'm courious about the entries as this takes longer than usual.
I did upload a video with my entry. Watch it here:
Click this link
I'm waiting on Jimmy.
I wanted to apologize to everyone for taking so long on my judging. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have play your levels. The quality and turnout was quite surprising. I expected like 3 entries at best and over double that fills me with joy!

You can actually see my entire playthru edited on my YT via:

Final Results for me:

See ya at the Finale Results thread! =D