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Problem with Echo effect...

I'm having problems with echos. After inserting the song with the echo + code ASM for the level with UberASM Tool, at the level where I put the echo, at first glance it seems to flow normal. But when I press a P-Switch, or I finish the level, or I die, the echo disappears (I have not tested with the star to see if it was the same problem), in some cases like the P-Switch, when his music stops , the echo of the sound effects don't work, and only the echo that was inserted inside the song works. Does anyone know what this is?

I reported this to a friend of mine, and he thought it might have been the versions of the AMK tool I was using...The first time I inserted and this happened, I used AMK 1.0.3, and after seeing those answers, I tried to use the latest version which is AMK 1.0.6, but continues with the same problem.
I'm pretty sure this is a normal occurrence. The global songs, such as the ones you've listed (p-switch, star, etc.) do not use echo. The echo used for the main level will stop because the echo parameters used in local songs do not flow into the global songs.
Originally posted by Giftshaven
I'm pretty sure this is a normal occurrence. The echo parameters used in local songs do not flow into the global songs.

Perhaps AMK writes to the register 6C as part of song uploading. Either or this is normal behavior.

1. You hear no echo because EVOL registers are zero.
2. You hear no echo because no channel (4D) is flagged for echoing.
3. You hear no echo because ECEN (on 6C)is flagged.
4. You hear no echo because FIR registers are zeroed.
5. You "hear no echo" because EDL register is zero.
May result in wave interference.

Sound effects not echoing with global songs could be a bug but if it falls under any of these 4 conditions then it's expected behavior.

Edit: Some falsehoods. Wrong register.
It could also occur because of the $F0 (Echo Off) command.
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Originally posted by MarkVD100
It could also occur because of the $F0 (Echo Off) command.

Echo off makes one or more of the listed conditions true.
Calling $F0 had set my EVOL to zero and toggled off all channels.
If all those listed solutions are easy to fix, I can try. Already warning that I know absolutely nothing porting, then it can be a problem for me.
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I don't know if the issue was ever resolved but this solution makes sfx have echo in songs that have it and the p switch and starman as well (like og smw music engine). The code was by worldpeace who I got it from and Vitor Vilela explained how to insert it using UberASM Tool. Here's what you wanna do. Go into gamemode folder, make an asm, mine's called global_echo.asm. Copy paste this code:

    LDA $13D3|!addr
    BNE .ret
    LDA $7FB000
    CMP #$0A
    BCS .local
    CMP #$05
    BEQ .global
    CMP #$06
    BNE .ret
    ; p-switch/star
    LDA $0DDA|!addr
    CMP #$0A
    BCC .ret
    LDA $14
    AND #$01
    BNE .ret
    LDA #$06
    STA $1DFA|!addr

Save then go into list.txt, and add it under gamemode: and save and insert. Global songs and sfx should now have have echo if the level's song has echo, just like in the original smw (this code is both for regular and sa1 roms).
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