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Windows 98 NES Bootleg - Photo Viewer desert BG by FailSandwich

File Name: Windows 98 NES Bootleg - Photo Viewer desert BG
Submitted: by FailSandwich
Authors: FailSandwich
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background
Description: The desert photo from the NES bootleg of Windows 98, minus the camel. Play around with the BG in the BG editor if you'd like, to rearrange the clouds and cacti and stuff. Credit not needed, as this was stupidly easy to rip.

The graphics themselves are fine, but the files did have some issues:

1. A palmask does exist, but it overwrites the entire row. Make sure to only choose the colors being used in the graphics themselves. Those berry colors do not need to be included in the palmask, they should be ignored. Please fix this and resubmit.

2. This issue isn't really grounds for removal, but as only the first 8 colors are used in that row, this row could have been shifted to Row 0 or Row 1. The colors used wouldn't need to overwrite the layer 3 colors (colors 8 through F). The reason I would strongly suggest fixing this is that Row 4 is used for grey cement blocks and this palette overwrites those colors.

- This one is just a nitpick with the sample level. The background itself isn't visible as the sand and pyramids are below the usual ground level. I would suggest raising the sand up 2+ tiles so its actually visible.

Overall, there's not much to say. It looks fine, and as you said it's just a rip. But for the future please double check to make sure your palmask is only using the colors you need, even in the same row. Also keep in mind of the usual universally used rows: Row 4 is often used for cement blocks; Row 6 contains the default flashing color.

Edit: also the background has black outlines, which can clash with the foreground as well. That should be changed to another color or at least a lighter shade