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Hub World?

Hello, it's me again (after an insanely long hiatus) and I wanted to know if it's possible to make a hub world like the one from some 3d games (such as SM64, SADX) replacing the vanilla overworld... Why? Because I'm bad at making a decent overworld (It's always flat and overdecorated).
Last thing, can I name hy romhack like I want (I'm calling it "Harry Potter Obama Sonic because I lost a bet |-O )?
RIP my friend's Ridley, he dropped it cuz I combo'd him a bit tol much as Mario.
You can play with this patch (removes the overworld). However, beating a level makes you go directly to the next level (starting with level 1), instead of going back to the hub world, so I'm not sure how you can manage that (apart from the fact that you can only have 2 exits in one level). If you use sublevels for the hub world as levels, I'm sure you will face other kind of problems such as object memory problems.
I think this could be useful!
You can use it to create a hubworld level where you can warp to many others.
And then use some kind of collectible that need to be found in each area to advance(you can use the dragon coins or bonus stars in this case)
Level warp display uberasmtool
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Thanks for playing and have fun!
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