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The 5th Non-Annual VGM Tourney Holiday Special (Finals)


That's right, I cannot be stopped, for once again I am dredging up the good-ole VGM Tourney once more!

For those who haven't participated in the previous Music Tourneys, we will be selecting our favorite tracks and voting which one is the best, bracket-style. Things are going to be expedited this time around so it won't take three months to get to the finals.

Nomination Rules:
1. To encourage variety, no more than three tracks can be nominated for a specific game. You also cannot nominate two tracks from the same game.
2. Only original soundtracks can be included. Licensed songs and remixes are not allowed (exceptions are remixes of one game's OST found in another game's OST).
3. Make sure you provide a working Youtube link with your nomination that is available in all countries. Any link that does not work after being posted will be replaced with a new one.
4. If possible, don't use one of those 30-minute loop videos. (This will not invalidate your nomination, however).

Nominations are limited to two tracks and are due by 12/8/18 at 6:00 PM EST.


Ninja Baseball Batman - San Francisco
PaRappa the Rapper 2 - Big

i dont fully get whats going on yet but heck why not i guess

Celeste - Confronting Myself

Persona 5 - Rivers in the Desert
// Layout by Maxo
tfw two freaking tracks have to be nominated aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

fuck it, have some Yasui

Eschatos - Extermination

Ginga Force - Zenith

hope these are good enough lel
Layout by Mathos
Toejam & Earl - Big Earl Bump
Maniac Mansion - Dave's Theme
I don't understand what the point of this contest is. Are the songs from real games or are they songs from games that people make and are they going to put them in a list so people can guess where they're from? I remember people making contests where you had to guess what game the songs were from, but some of the songs were really impossible b/c they were like Japanese or they were from games that I've never even heard of before.
Not really sure what you're asking in the first part, but yeah you can nominate a song from pretty much any video game so long as it follows the rules in the OP.

Tourneys are different from guessing contests. You pick two tracks you really like, and then I will compile them into a tournament bracket where people will vote on which track they like better.
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon - Foreboding Forest
Pokémon Trading Card Game - Normal Battle

EDIT: I thought there was a franchise rule like the last contest but there's not so you get two pokemon themes haha

EDIT EDIT: replaced link for second nomination with a better one
Originally posted by Deputy BS
Not really sure what you're asking in the first part
he said he doesnt understand what the point of this contest is, and i couldn't agree more.