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Enough with the contest threads

Getting a little tired of seeing unorganized contests being thrown together. Out of the 7-10 that I have seen, none of them were finished, and they all died. Therefore, you have all lost the priviledge to make these threads, as apparently, no one can handle the work involved. Any contest threads that were running previous to this post will be left open, to be fair, but anything after this post will be closed on sight by me or another staff member. Not to mention the ideas for most of them suck anyway - get more creative than "The Best Level With Goombas And A Tree With Evergreen Leaves Contest!"

Have a nice day.
Well, luckily my contest still is allowed to be there, since it became a big succes! =D

I'll sure finish the contest, the awards will also be given.
Well mine KIND of finished...

Except the hard level compilation is really not going well haha.

And admittedly I let someone else do the judging so yea
I'm glad that now there's a rule for this, because all those contest threads do is clog up the forum...
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
I have a question though. Is it okay to make contests as long as we get permission from the staff members first?
Are collaboration allowed? (Want to make a halloween collab, since the halloween contest was nuked)
Your layout has been removed.