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GreenHammerBro's SMB3 screen scrolling pipes 3.2.13 by GreenHammerBro
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File Name: GreenHammerBro's SMB3 screen scrolling pipes 3.2.13
Submitted: by GreenHammerBro
Obsoletes: GreenHammerBro's SMB3 screen scrolling pipes 3.2.7
Authors: GreenHammerBro
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: FuSoYa's pipes patch wasn't compatible with Gopher Popcorn Stew, so I uploaded my own.

These pipes, when entered, will cause mario to travel through pipes within the same level rather than refreshing the level, useful for maze levels for those who refuses to use screen exits.

New features:

-Centering is now precise (it will center the player every time the player enters AND exit the pipes), FuSoYa's pipes, if a path ends with going leftwards, up or down, then exit, the player will be slightly to the left than he should be.

-Small turn pipes, because FuSoYa forgot to put them in.

-Easy insert (thanks to Romi's Spritetool-styled list.txt). BTSD is extremely tedious, but GPS alleviate all these problems.

Note: There is a glitch with the print handling by GPS (I did correctly place the print command, but gets assigned to the wrong blocks); thus I highly recommend looking at the readme and setting !Setting_SSP_Description to 0.


-If there are at least 2 sprites on screen, and mairo enters a pipe, mario will partially disappear as he enters a pipe, you should download the "no more sprite tiles limit" to prevent that.

-If you have a low-gravity generator that DEC $7E:007D (mario's Y speed), make sure that you add a check that if $7E:009D or a ram address for “!pipe_dir” is a non-zero, then skip/return, because mario will then rise up slowly while traveling through horizontal pipes.

-If you have converted ram address (and modify the GPS tool) to be compatable with sa-1, you also have to convert the "sprite slot loop" to use 22 slots. Because SA-1 has updated the number of slots from 12 to 22, otherwise yoshi glitches up.

-You can now use these pipes in layer 3 tides.