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Themed SMW Sprites, Random Theme Pack. by NBTD

File Name: Themed SMW Sprites, Random Theme Pack.
Submitted: by NBTD
Authors: NBTD
Type: Original
Purpose: Graphics Hack
Description: Alright, So I've notice a lot of awesome and cool hacks on SMW central, i love playing them.
and a lot of them use awesome custom tile works etc, But what i have noticed is a huge lack in custom enemies, most hacks just use the same old SMW enemies.

So i putt together this project that replaces the graphics for the SMW sprites.
This is the Random theme.

The Random theme was putt together with random ideas and left over sprites that didn't fit in any other theme.
(However there are a lot of city themed things in this pack.)

These sprites were created for quick and easy graphic replacement, They were designed to fit the original game palette.
If you're skilled with game palette editing you can make the sprites look better and get around some of the palette limitations i had to work with.

For more details check the full sprite sheet found here:¶m=02&c=1&id=34983

Keep in mind these patches were made to show off the sprites, not background environments.

A lot of these are extremely creative ideas and are neatly drawn, but unfortunately I'll have to reject this submission due to a couple of issues.

Removal Reason(s):
  • Some of these reskins don't work in practice as they imply the object/sprite interacts differently from what it actually does in the game. For example: Bullet Bills are reskinned to mini-Grinders, which implies they hurt on touch from above, but that's not really the case. Similarly, the alarm clocks don't look like they hurt from above but they're reskins of the Hopping Flames, so they actually do hurt. The P-balloon was reskinned to a syringe, which doesn't make sense, because syringes don't float. The button reskin for the ON-OFF block doesn't take into account its hitbox. You erased Blargg's peeking frame, making it an unpredictable enemy and also a lot harder to design the level around with it, since Lunar Magic won't display its sprite. This might be just me nitpicking, but I don't think the wooden block reskin works too well for turn blocks either. There might be other examples, but I think these are more than enough to get my point across.
  • Although minorly offensive, the hand flipping over reskin for the Special World passed Piranha Plant is a no go.
  • Even though the general quality of this submission is really good, some of the individual reskins could use more work. The Dolphins became a metal, rectangular platform that looks really stale and uninteresting. The reskin for the spiky ball from the Ball n' Chain sprite looks really flat and not as eye-catching as an enemy should be. Replacing the Sumo Bro's thunder and fire with a red rectangle thing (?) and smoke didn't really work out, and the latter also suffers from cutoff.
I'll also kindly ask to submit more screenshots, showcasing more stuff included in your submission next time. I hope you resubmit this with all the necessary changes and submit more stuff to the site too, because your stuff looks really cool, lol.