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Winter 2018 Mosts - Results!!!


2018 came and it went. Well, it will go in just a few days. But time is of the essence and so are we, so here we go:

1) Best regular member
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Koopster
2nd 7 Tobio
3rd 5 Ladida
3rd 5 TheBiob
3rd 5 1UPdudes

Next year we will be renaming this category to "Best Koopster", so users-who-are-not-Koopster be forewarned.

2) Best newcomer
Place Vote Count User
1st 18 Giftshaven
2nd 13 Darolac
3rd 8 Maarfy

Oh! Two of these newcomers are staff and the other is Member of the Month.. truly they are of the greats.

3) Best staff member
Place Vote Count User
1st 24 Telinc1
2nd 20 Noivern
3rd 17 idol

Telinc1 has ascended to the role of cyber-god, so this isn't too surprising!

4) Most likely to become staff
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Tattletale
1st 7 TheBiob
2nd 5 Koopster
3rd 4 Darolac

I feel tempted to present a prisoners-dilemma type situation to these four where one can become staff and the other three get permabanned depending on their choice, but chaos does not reign here so my temptations will be quelled. In other words - great job for the notability, guys!

5) Most likely to witness the heat death of the universe before becoming staff
Place Vote Count User
1st 14 Roberto zampari
2nd 6 LethalBrownies
3rd 4 ThePat545
3rd 4 Ultima

The universe could perish at any second, so perhaps y'all still got a chance?

6) Best General SMW hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 15 worldpeace
2nd 11 Eevee
3rd 10 Gamma V

worldpeace has won this category every year since 2015, and with each year he exists less and less in the hacking world. One day it will take but a whisper of worldpeace to win Best General SMW hacker. Also fun fact: in 2015 these three also won this award, though Gamma V and Eevee's positions were switched!

7) Best Kaizo/Pit hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 juzcook
1st 9 Morsel
1st 9 Sokobansolver
2nd 7 AbuseFreakHacker
3rd 6 worldpeace
3rd 6 Sweetdude

2018 really led to a gigantic push in our kaizo community, and this is the most diversified we've ever seen this category. Congratulations to all of my boys.

8) Best non-SMW hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 XenonZed
1st 5 BTD6_maker
2nd 4 Gatete
3rd 2 Ersanio
3rd 2 Raidenthequick

And to the things that are not Super Mario World! Gatete is a bit of an odd face though - he makes fangames! That being said we don't have a category for that, so I suppose he should feel nice and warm and at home here amongst his brethren.

9) Best level designer
Place Vote Count User
1st 15 Lazy
2nd 13 worldpeace
3rd 8 ft029

The JUMP triad.... a force so strong no one can come close to defeating them. God help us all.

10) Best graphics artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Gamma V
2nd 15 Eevee
3rd 12 Falconpunch

Seeing as you three have won best graphics artists, I'd like to request a full-sized portrait of myself (idol), bullying The Other (Eevee) incessantly.

11) Best musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 21 musicalman
2nd 19 Wakana
3rd 14 Sinc-X

These boys have been rocking the musical world as of late, and here they are with the true rewards they deserve. Congrats!

12) Most likely to ORA ORA ORA an enemy STAnd with ASM
Place Vote Count User
1st 16 Vitor Vilela
2nd 11 Erik
3rd 10 Maarfy

I don't really get the joke here but Mr. Vilela swoops in with the kill! This will not be the last time you see him...

13) Best tool programmer
Place Vote Count User
1st 35 FuSoYa
2nd 34 Vitor Vilela
3rd 14 Alcaro

I told you! The tag-team FuSoYa and Vitor make their grand debut - no thanks of course to Lunar Magic 3.00, but rather I think they were each voted for their most notable tools: Ycompress and SA-1 Convert: Sprites+Blocks Edition v1.10.

14) Best site contributor
Place Vote Count User
1st 32 Telinc1
2nd 14 Alcaro
3rd 9 idol

These three (hey, me!) have led to the amazing progress SMWCentral was able to go through this year. Next year, we conquer the sun.

15) Most creative
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Zekrom PKstarship
2nd 7 worldpeace
3rd 6 Eevee

These guys could solve the true meaning of the time cube.

16) Smartest
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Telinc1
2nd 12 Vitor Vilela
3rd 8 Alcaro

These men... unfounded knowledge. To the point of knowing forbidden secrets, memories of inhuman geometry, and the ability to turn things to stone with their minds.

17) Nicest
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Eevee
2nd 7 Miku
3rd 5 Qwoll
3rd 5 Giftshaven
3rd 5 Koopster

You come at these guys with the fury of a thousand suns, and yet all you get in return is the nicest, fondest smiles - as if they see you as an old friend, or a distant relative. These people cannot be destroyed.

18) Most mature
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 FPzero
2nd 5 RPG Hacker
3rd 4 Y.Y.
3rd 4 idol
3rd 4 Impetus

These people are elderly. We are going to open a new subforum for the geriatric in honor of their legacies. Please don't speak loudly around them, and they may repeat themselves multiple times, but just know they still love you.

19) Most modest
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 Vitor Vilela
1st 5 Eevee
2nd 3 Miku
2nd 3 Y.Y.
2nd 3 Tobio

These boys do what they do out of love and honesty - not for the fame, the awards, or the pain.

20) Most optimistic
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Qwoll
2nd 3 1UPdudes
2nd 3 Ryaa
2nd 3 Y.Y.

The brightest side of life is home to these hooligans. Here's to a new year!

21) Most pessimistic
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Tobio
2nd 4 StrikeForcer
3rd 3 Pink Gold Peach
3rd 3 aterraformer

For these people... the world is a dying ocean of vitriol and misery. We will all kill each other under the chaos of the reigning moon - mountains will fall, buildings will crumble under the fire of a thousand years. We are all doomed, as these people have foretold.

22) Most underrated
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Super Maks 64
2nd 5 Tobio
2nd 5 RussianMan
3rd 4 Ondore's Lies

Give these guys some extra love next time you see them around these here parts. They've been doing real good boy things.

23) Most serious
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 StrikeForcer
2nd 5 randomdude999
2nd 5 Noivern
3rd 4 MrDeePay

A joke to these folks is akin to a knife in the back of the head. As all things should feel like.

24) Coolest
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Sinc-X
1st 4 Linkdeadx2


25) Funniest
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Nameless
1st 6 Eevee
2nd 5 GbreezeSunset
3rd 4 Hobz
3rd 4 Akutarex
3rd 4 Sixtare

I should've had these fiends write these comments. I'm running dry like no one's business. Fuck jokes.

26) Weirdest
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Roberto zampari
2nd 5 chickaDEE Magazine
3rd 4 Hobz
3rd 4 Sinc-X
3rd 4 Falconpunch

For those who operate on another plane as we - you are the bravest of the brave, and I salute you as if you were my own kin.

27) Saltiest
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Hobz
1st 4 leod
1st 4 Yuzu
2nd 3 Wind Fish
3rd 2 Pink Gold Peach
3rd 2 Sayuri
3rd 2 Impetus

Let's all partake in a three cheers for these users, as we can sleep comfortably knowing they will never develop a goiter.

28) Most reclusive
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 MrDeePay
2nd 4 Berk
3rd 3 Y.Y.
3rd 3 FuSoYa

These users exist in the shadows - for away from society is where true enlightenment can be attained.

29) Most fun to talk to
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Eevee
2nd 5 Tobio

Conversations go miles with these boys - congrats!

30) Most changed for the best
Place Vote Count User
1st 24 Decoy Blimp
2nd 5 Minuy600
3rd 4 Falconpunch

These guys showed great strides this year! A big congratulations to Decoy Blimp, and a smaller and yet still very admirable congratulations to Minuy600 and Falconpunch.

31) Most addicted to SMWC
Place Vote Count User
1st 12 LethalBrownies
2nd 9 Decoy Blimp
3rd 4 Rainbow Man

SMWC is the lifeblood for these users - without this site, all their bodily functions would fail. I dread the notion.

32) Least likely to do anything
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Kieran Menor


33) Most likely couple
Place Vote Count User
1st 12 Wakana x Sariel
2nd 10 Erik x Tobio
2nd 10 Jimmy x Ladida
3rd 9 Hinalyte x Mirann

These folks should just cut to the chase and marry already! I can officiate weddings, by the way, just putting that in there.

34) Most unlikely couple
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 StrikeForcer x Katrina
2nd 4 Lazy x Vamperumbra
3rd 3 AlcaRobot x VilelaBot
3rd 3 S.N.N. x SMW S.N.N

The couples who would get together in a quirky rom-com from the early 2000s. We'd go through an hour of them bickering only to find them fall in a deep love.

Or, perhaps, they would eat each other as desperate wolves would.

35) Most likely fighter and echo fighter
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Hinalyte x Mirann
2nd 7 Alcaro x AlcaRobot
2nd 7 Jimmy x Ladida
3rd 6 Wakana x Sariel

Each one of these pairs is comprised of one user who has tipper and one who does not. Which one is which?

36) Most informative posts
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Thomas
2nd 8 MarioFanGamer
3rd 7 RPG Hacker

Each of these users posts read like the Finnegans Wake of knowledge.

37) Best avatar
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Telinc1
2nd 4 Hinalyte
3rd 3 Hobz
3rd 3 Mirann

The masters of the avatars gather together to laugh in our (the lowly peasants) faces. We accept it, for they are superior.

38) Best post layout
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 Tobio
1st 5 LadiesMan217
2nd 4 Gloomy
2nd 4 FailSandwich
3rd 3 underway
3rd 3 leod
3rd 3 Eevee

same joke as above but just replace avatar with layout. thanks.

39) Most missed
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 lolyoshi
2nd 10 eXcavator
3rd 8 QubicTom

I hope you guys can understand why we feel uncomfortable with running this category in the future. This category developed a new context following the passing of eXcavator, where this year a user who has been away since September was voted more missed than a user who had passed. It just doesn't feel fair to anyone to really keep this category in the future due to the position it puts users in nor the context of which it develops, and I hope that is understandable.

Rest in peace, eXcavator. We miss you.

40) Best Discord user
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Veck
2nd 5 Ryaa
3rd 4 Tobio
3rd 4 Giftshaven

Discord is the true prowling grounds these days, and these users have eaten their competition to the top of the food chain. Always nice to see these boys around our server!

41) Most likely to get pinned
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 Hinalyte
1st 5 Eevee
2nd 3 Veck
3rd 2 Spy
3rd 2 Erik
3rd 2 Pinci

For those unaware of the intricacies of Discord, this is akin to user most likely to get a thread put in the display case. Except exceptionally sexier.

42) Most addicted to #world-of-insanity
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Big Brawler
2nd 9 AntiDuck
3rd 7 Y_ans

These beasts know no rules nor humanity. In the land of the depraved, they go ham wild. I fuck with that.

43) Most appropriately rated
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 worldpeace
2nd 4 Gamma V

These guys do well. And they deserve all the praise. The love, the lust, the overbearing urge to become them and peruse their daily lives as if you were them. It's all normal.

44) Most likely to irreparably break the voting system
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Telinc1
2nd 12 System
3rd 11 xfix

Telinc1 is kind of the god of all realms, there's nothing he can't fix except a broken heart.

45) Most likely to complain about winning this category
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Falconpunch
2nd 7 Roberto zampari
3rd 6 Pink Gold Peach
3rd 6 Minuy600

Only time will tell.

And that's that! If anything looks messed up, please take up your concerns with FPzero. He had nothing to do with any of this, but he will be my scapegoat until the end of time. Thank you.
🐁 🐁 🐁 mice 🐁 🐁 🐁

Time to up my couple game for next year then, my lovely Tob. But the first goal was complete and we have defeated Hinarann sorry hina mirannie
Hina you forced me at mostsbribes-point to use this anime avatar. And I have not won! Sorry brochacho but I'm gonna fail you and change it. 😔

To all of the winners, congrats. And to Telinc1, thank you for the mosts system.
congrats to everyone who won a trophy and thank fuck that i didnt get another ship trophy
I won the most underrated trophy again... though I didn't expected that. But that's fine for me. Congratulations to other winners as well!!!

all shall bow to zekrom, master of the stylus

congrats to all winners tho too, and thank you for the votes uwu
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
lmfao on unlikely couple category

the rest are fair and deserved. congrats to the others on winning.
On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

I'm happy to say that this community has become my new home.

...and I love all of you! #smrpg{<3}
Originally posted by idol

45) Most likely to complain about winning this category
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Falconpunch
2nd 7 Roberto zampari
3rd 6 Pink Gold Peach
3rd 6 Minuy600

Only time will tell.

Well, then...
Joke's on you guys, that was leading to a punchline.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
LOL thanks so much but I definitely don't deserve best regular anymore. I appreciate the 6 year streak though. That's one cool thing to tell my kids about.

Thanks for all the nice votes!!
hey lois remember that time i won a mosts trophy by doing absolutely nothing

congrats to the other winners
Holy shit I'm surprised I won #30 in a landslide. Like I was expecting to make it to the top three and maybe first place but... 24 votes? Loving the support guys, it feels great to be a part of this community again.

Can't wait to see these beauties when Telinc1 fixes what he goofed:

Congratulations to all the winners!
the fact that I did not win best avatar is a crime

wrote that random avatar generator script all for nothing rip

at least I got 2nd for most likely couple with Jimmy though!!
Ever since I first began on this site in 2011 I have dreamed of winning an award in the mosts... AND YOU AMAZING PEOPLE HAVE GRACED ME WITH TWO! I LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU! #smrpg{<3}

And big congratulations to all the other winners! They're all definitely deserved. Especially Kieran's.
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At least some categories' result aren't that memetic yet

Congrats everybody #smrpg{y}
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Three bronze trophies. Okay
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
tfw I only got a bronze trophy, and of course, it was in a negative category #wario{-_-"}

congrats to the winners tho
Layout by Mathos
Well done everyone!
Congrats, everybody! A lot of these categories are very much deserved.

(Also thanks again for that fancy new voting system, Telinc!)
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Originally posted by Ultima
tfw I only got a bronze trophy, and of course, it was in a negative category #wario{-_-"}

congrats to the winners tho

I got silver in that category... is it really negative, though? Honestly I'm just blown back by winning an award in the first place. I've never won anything. xD
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I got a gold meme category again, this is the new smwc meta

Congrats to all!