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Super Mario Travellers Demo
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Logo made by Gatete


While Superstar Mario World is finished and in the testing phase, and Buzzy's World Tour is on a hiatus, i present to you, my next big traditional adventure hack. Super Mario Travellers!

i'm trying to put all my current hacking skills into this one, which means more asm like Sa-1, Dynamic Sprites and more.
There are 4 finishes levels in this demo. In those levels, you have collectables called "dark orbs". They work like dragon coins and get saved too. In the full game, there will be levels where you need to have a certain number of dark orbs to actually enter the level. For example, in the overworld you will see a sign that says "3", that means you need to have collected all dark orbs in 3 levels to enter the locked level.
This demo does not have the minimalist status bar, it's still getting fixed for LM3.

Meet Glubita!

She will be your partner throughout your journey!
Find out more about her in the game.

I hope you enjoy!
This looks like a very interesting hack so far, design-wise and idea-wise! I'll add it to my "C3 hacks to try out later" list.

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Hey Stivi i'm already done playing this hack and i must say this was very fun! also keep up the good work on your hack #smw{:TUP:}
Really can't say anything bad about this - it's a generic chocolate hack. The levels have good lengths and they're all clean and polished. I like the many sidetracks which lead to Dark Orbs and the general focus on a couple of sprite types per level - you did go a little overboard in some cases, though - namely, the first level. The plot is interesting and nicely presented and the overworld was simply brilliant. I feel like you could do more with Glubita - perhaps give her an attack or some other helpful ability?

Overall, I'm really interested to see where this goes. It feels a lot like a Gamma V hack, which are among my favorite to play.
It's alright. The custom sprites vary a lot in quality though.

What even are these guys?

There are a few times when you have to jump down a ledge but can't see the ground. I died a lot to this, which was really annoying. I'd recommend against using the camera that hyper-focuses on Mario, it's too hard to see what you're doing sometimes. This is a good example of what I mean:

Anyway, this guy.


allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
What even are these guys?

They are beach balls!

Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
There are a few times when you have to jump down a ledge but can't see the ground. I died a lot to this, which was really annoying. I'd recommend against using the camera that hyper-focuses on Mario, it's too hard to see what you're doing sometimes. This is a good example of what I mean:

Yeah i'll look into improving some of those parts

Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
Anyway, this guy.


Thanks! (she's a girl #tb{^V^})

My Hack Thread

I can agree with the few people above me. This looks like a quite nice chocolate hack. The Idea to have a companion is super neat, too. I hate that Winter C3 is usually when i'm very busy irl, but i made a note that I'll give this a try sooner or later #tb{:D}

It seems to be a well made hack and would deserve some more attention~ Feedback can be quite important during the process of creation.

Do you make the ASM used in the game (Companion, Custom Bosses) yourself?
Originally posted by Fullcannon
Do you make the ASM used in the game (Companion, Custom Bosses) yourself?

Russianman made the companion, i made the boss, but it's really just multiple sprites in one, i can't code sprites.

My Hack Thread

Right now I feel like the difficulty is a little too over the place. I don't think level 1 is the place for green YI plants and stage 3 definitely is not the place for sledge bros.
The level design is not that cohesive, but the hack's quite nice so far. I would change some of these levels around so they're much later in the game though.

Also I could not find the secret exit in stage 2
This hack appears to be very interesting; with a requirement to collect orbs to get to new levels, it makes the hack seem as if it's an open-world platformer. And looking at the screenshots definitely shows this open-like feeling in each stage. And also, the concept of an in-game partner is really interesting! Though is this partner going to have their own abilities, or does she simply follow around and give advice about a situation in a level?
First of all, beautiful introduction! Mario new companion is such a nice touch to the adventure. The levels are pretty neat in my opinion at least. Good Overworld design too. The boss was nice, but the hitbox felt very off at points.
This popped up on might want to watch on YouTube. Looks very good.
I just got through playing this. As usual with my posts, here's just a rambling list of comments:

  • The opening level felt rather difficult for a first level. It might be a result of the custom Piranhas, which can control a rather large area. There were a few too many of them, I think. This one could shoot through a wall, which felt wrong. I don't know if it's intentional, but if it is, I'd rather you have some sort of one-way wall for it to shoot through. It would look and feel cleaner.
  • The battle against the piranhas felt unnecessary. It was surprisingly easy since you could just camp underneath the right one and safely farm shells. After killing that piranha, you can just safely snipe the last piranha while it's still off-screen. Because you're given a mushroom right before this segment, it's very easy to want to just tank the damage and rush through. I don't know if you can run the entire distance to the right during the invincibility period, but you can totally cheese the last piranha if you want to. Maybe the arena could be a single-screen battle, with a door spawning (or scrolling being enabled) when all the enemies are defeated.
  • As stated before, the Mario-focused camera can make some enemies on lower levels feel kinda cheap, and I jumped on this enemy because I had no idea I would've gotten hurt by it.
  • I really don't like the sledge bros. Their stun is already annoying enough, but they appear so early on and are pretty common. Some of them can snipe you from off-screen in the vertical climb and some of them can even stun you from off-screen, which has gotten me killed.
  • The spinies that spin in their shells should be able to break bricks. It would've allowed for a more organic way to open up this secret than going back to find a grab block. It would also simply be consistent with the way shells normally behave.
  • I found the boss to be overwhelming on my first encounter. I quickly got into a groove of standing in the middle and then going to the left to dodge the projectiles, curving back to hop onto the spawning koopas. The boss arena felt really cramped with hazards for such an early boss and the number of hits needed made it a real endurance test. If there's anything I think should truly be changed, it's that the floating piranha heads can't be spin jumped on when they should be.
  • I liked the music and aesthetics overall, but some of the custom sprites were substandard. The tilesets were nice and I liked the translucent water on the beach. The world map was small but packed with stuff and I always like when levels are surrounded by minor details that make them recognizable (the piranha, the ruins). What is the world map music from? It's familiar
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