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Monty Mole Island 3: Boom Boom's World

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots

This is a short SMB3-styled hack.
It's the sequel to Monty Mole Island 2: Redrawn Island.


Xdelta?! Yikes! I might create a .bps patch for this hack if I have more time!
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Ooh, might have to check this out. I am kind of a sucker for SMAS SMB3's graphical style.

Interesting. Didn't even know there were mobile patchers. I'd more interested why you went with that method as opposed to the traditional .bps format...
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
Interesting. Didn't even know there were mobile patchers. I'd more interested why you went with that method as opposed to the traditional .bps format...

It's because I'm not home right now and my computer is at my house.

I had no idea .xdelta-Patches exist. Let's see if i can make this running on my pc.
A few more screenshots would've been nice too, since i like the few ones you're showing here, yet it's really hard to get an overall impression of this hack just by them. But it seems like this would be definitely a decent hack to play. #tb{:]}

I tested it with the intention of making a .bps file, but the ROM doesn't seem to work.

(that's why the OP is edited by me, I made a .bps and posted it before remembering to test the ROM)
.bps for the common (the source rom was de-headered) - outdated, use the new link in OP.
Originally posted by Zandro
.bps for the common (the source rom was de-headered)

This is the patch I used when I played this, so I'm going off of what I've seen here.

It's pretty fun to play as the Monty Mole character #tb{:j}. The levels were nice too with the style it went for. I find the speed meter using a coin sound effect a bit confusing to me, and there level complete song being the water level song is also strange. Still good stuff tho #tb{;)}.
Originally posted by Zandro
.bps for the common (the source rom was de-headered)

Thank you, my friend!

This hack is neat, but none of you understand what the best part of it is. It's this:

That's right, Monty Mole can do the Shovel Knight shimmy (TM)! This dance move is UNBELIEVABLY POWERFUL and single-handedly makes this the best C3 contribution this Winter.

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Now I've replaced the patch in the first post with a .bps patch.

Also I forgot to change the 2018 to 2019 in the title screen, because this hack wasn't released in 2018, and added a version number in the title screen.

First of all: Thanks for uploading more screenshots. I find this rather important to get a first impression of the hack. #tb{:]}

So i played your hack a bit (finished the boomerang bro level).
Your hack definitely isn't bad! I'm unsure though, if i should call it "good". Here are my complaints:

1.) I'd say the levels are too long, especially if this is really considered to be a first world. Personally, i'd shorten every level by a few screens (3-8 perhaps). I think the levels would be more fun to play then, since currently some of them more feel like a trial of patience.

2.) Don't use so many invisible blocks. It's okay if you use them here and there, but i get kinda reminded of old kaizo due to their current amount. I'll also note, that "bridge- or stair-building" isn't very interesting either and gets tedious quite quickly. I especially noticed this in the castle. Please avoid this kind of level design.

3.) In the first real water level the sprites looked cutoff several times (i think mainly when bloopers came onscreen).

These are my 3 main complaints. As said, your hack definitely isn't bad, but it didn't feel outright fun to play and since this should be the main aim for every hack, this leaves a slightly bitter taste to mean. I'm optimistic though you are willing and able to improve, so i'm looking to see more of this. In the end, having Monty Mole instead of Mario as character was pretty cool (even if i couldn't discern if i was small or big). However, good luck with this hack! #smw{:peace:}

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots