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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - SUPER MARIO WORLD: ALEXANDRITE EDITION (ONCE AGAIN, A C3 EXCLUSIVE DEMO!!!)
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Hello, I'm back. I hope you guys didn't think I stopped working on this because I have been (just very slowly).


This version includes three new levels for a total of nine levels all together. I'm not entirely happy with some of the setups in the levels but perhaps you are! Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

As always, you can read some of the background information in the original thread and can see some of the screenshots below:

Oh nice to see this back again! I played a couple levels and it's pretty fun. I might give some more detailed feedback later, but I have noticed that some setups are slightly precision-based, while a few others really catch you off guard. Besides that, it's definitely an interesting hack so far. I like the style of the hack though, the mostly vanilla aesthetics are nice. Hoping it will be finished!
I remember the last c3 demo, Hope this one retains the same difficulty and challenge

Hey I remember playing this last time you posted a demo. I see there's a lot of fresh new levels. I played the top row and some of the ones in the bottom starting from the right.
In general I think this feels like a "setup tech demo" so far, if that makes any sense. I still appreciate the heart I see in all those levels, I see that you're not afraid to make what you feel like making. This just needs a little more cohesion and polish, and that's not for it to look professional, but really for a better player experience.

One could say the concept behind this level is risky and the execution really shows cause I got ambushed unfairly several times. The platforming is also quite precise and a little awkward with all the slopes.

This level is really slow and easy up to this point. This part is hard to predict and also hard to execute. After some tries I decided to pass on to other levels, I hope you don't mind.

I really love the first half of this ultrastar-lite, but the second half has a lot of riding 4-second platforms while nothing's happening, and this final part + the dragon coin right before is really weird and finicky.

It's almost like you kind of want to make a kaizo game sometimes, but the biggest portions of your levels don't match that. The difficulty spikes are pretty glaring and quite bothersome.

I fucking love this level (is it because of the music?? That's certainly a factor...), but sweet sky koopa trap right there (it's alright, if you acknowledge it as a trap)

I did not want to play this puzzle but it took a while to find a way to kill myself lol. I got it almost figured out, but I made a mistake that would've forced me to redo almost everything and I ended up giving up. This part is thankfully near the start, but I think it's overly finicky. You need to be very fast to grab the reserve mushroom.

I remember the dino rhino escort mission from that one other level from the last demo, I still think it's super sweet (idk if that's what I said last time but alas).

If I have some more free time (I actually don't but ended up stopping by anyways) I may comment on other levels. Furthermore, good luck with this!
Yeah, I think the Shell House level was probably the one I felt most needed polishing. I might try to implement a more varied speed autoscroll in order to slow down at parts and give the player more time to react to certain setups, particularly for the second half (which I know you didn't get to but if you do I think you'll see why I say that).
This little demo is definitely intereting from the short try i quickly gave it. Yet as Koopster pointed out it has some "Kaizo Light Difficulty Spikes" sometimes. If these will be fixed in a future version this hack could get pretty great, i guess. #tb{:j}


I'm usually don't like vanilla hacks that much but this is pretty fun. I've only played one level so far but I might come back for more.

I like this. This is pretty clever.

I died a lot here and still couldn't get to the damn blocks.

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
This looks like the kind of thing I would see on and I love it. I'm busy as fucc these days but I'll definitely try to find time to play this at some point.
Draft Day:
- You have very little time to grab the hidden mushroom once it spawns. This is the only powerup available for the first half of the level so it shouldn't be so easy to miss.
- The football's RNG bounce height made this level tedious and not very fun to play.

Spring 'n Things
- Several of the wall springs are unnecessary and can be bypassed with decently timed running jumps.

Death from Above
- The "react quickly or die" gimmick is something that I think Spring 'n Things handled much better. Some of the timing windows to react are very tight and I don't think people are likely to get through this the first time unless they're very lucky.

Shell House
- The setups are mostly pretty easy, except for the setup koopster pointed out and the last setup of the second half. The last one particularly is basically impossible unless you already know what you're supposed to be doing *and* you're hanging out on the right side of the screen, which has been pretty heavily discouraged thoughout the level up to this point.

Slip Slidin' Away
- This level is pretty neat, but the setups are really precise. Very often I followed the coin guides and still didn't make the jumps.

Falling for You
- After the other, fast-paced levels, nothing's really happening here. All of the challenge is in obtaining the Dragon coins, and there's a lot of waiting for timers to run out.

Dino-Rhino Ridge
- Death from Above, except much fairer.
- You can take a koopa shell from the first half and cheese the autoscroll section with a shell jump.

Morton's Labyrinth
- Obtained the silver P-switch but I have no idea how to take it out of the level without making it functionally blue or what to do with it once I get it out. It's a great puzzle so far though and I may come back to it when I have time.

Spiky Balls
- Best level.
- The red koopa setup wants you to jump over the spike balls, but you can just stay on the platform without getting hit.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - SUPER MARIO WORLD: ALEXANDRITE EDITION (ONCE AGAIN, A C3 EXCLUSIVE DEMO!!!)

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