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Major Flare's Tiny ASM Gallery: Some Simple, Nice Sprites
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - Major Flare's Tiny ASM Gallery: Some Simple, Nice Sprites
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

In this thread, your good, ow' (pun intended) Major Flare presents and makes available to you... some sprites you could use for your hacks, a boss included!

Sadly, I have only three sprites and a boss to show for now (who knows if I can cook a sprite until the end of C3, let alone another boss...). Anyways, let's show the sprites.

Rectangle Movement Castle Block
GIF link
I made this sprite several years ago, to a BR collab that got cancelled really fast (sad fact). It's extra bit controls its trajectory.

Flower Roto Disc

Anyone played Mario Forever? This roto disc moves in a flower pattern. Sadly, it's not that customizable; this was the version with most accuracy that I could code. The extra bit controls its direction of rotation.

DKC Barrels, Deluxe Version

I submitted, some days ago, an improvement of Sonikku's fabled DKC barrels, in which I gave options of customization with the Extension Bytes, reduced the number of SP4 tiles used, and optimized the code to the best of my abilities. This version, though... has some MORE options! Now you can make the barrels MOVE when Mario is inside them, and they can also be pointed to a STATIC direction!

This is how the sprite works: for the rotating barrels, the extra bit controls the direction of rotation. The real customization comes with the Extension Bytes:

Extension Byte 1: It determines the barrel 'potency', i.e. how far the player is shot from the barrel. Any 8-bit value is usable here, although you would use something less than $80.

Extension Byte 2: This is more complicated, as it's a bit field. The format of this field is:
Extension Byte 2: LRUDmXXX
L, R, U, D: movement bits. 
 ->L and R cannot be both enabled; the same with U and D. If this situation occurs, the barrel won't move.
m: If it's disabled, the barrel will rotate; if it's enabled... the barrel will point to a direction determined by XXX.
XXX: When m is disabled, controls the rotation pace: 000 is the fastest, 111 is the slowest, almost stationary. 
 -> Pace values recommended: 1 to 4. 
 -> If m is enabled... it controls the stationary direction the barrel points, as follows:
	000 - Up
	001 - Up/Right
	010 - Right
	011 - Down/Right
	100 - Down
	101 - Down/Left
	110 - Left
	111 - Up/Left

Obs.: take note that the Extension Bytes must be inserted as hexadecimal values in Lunar Magic! But do not worry, I included a .mwl file with some examples of barrel's settings.

Lemmy Boss
Lemmy Video
Well, the icing in the cake of this thread. A nice boss coded for Enigmatic Tales, but I decided to share with you! He shoots random balls, that can either be simply destroyed, bounce the player or just hurt him. Good for some different battles in a vanilla-ish hack, after all.

Without further ado, here is the download link. Please note that only the Flower Disc was coded for GIEPY; all the others are for PIXI. Have a good night, everyone!


Dream team (feed them, please):

Amazing job here. I love these sprites, especially the flower pattern Roto-Disc which I clearly remember from Super Mario Forever.

I'm not that interested in the DKC barrels, but with the improvements you made, they can make for some awesome level design if used right, I'm sure.

The Lemmy boss looks decent, but the randomness of the balls and the fire rate can catch players off guard. No problem with the last attack, through.


Userbar by Green Jerry

Also a Fortaleza Reznor user. If you... digo, si hablas español, hackeas, buscas ayuda, o simplemente se te da conocer gente, únete, somos puerta abierta.
I somewhat have seen some of the resources shown here, but it doesn't change the fact they're awesome. Hope more crazy ASM comes from you someday in the future :D
I've never been a fan of the DkC barrels since they always felt so strange / uncontrollable to use. Perhaps i should try implementing them with your new updte now. #tb{;)}

The custom Lemmy boss is definitely well done. I usually dislike custom bosses since most of them tend to be unfairly difficult, but yours seems to be just perfect regarding that.

The flower roto disc is at least a nice idea. I dunno if it has an actual use in normal levels (it probably has, if correctly placed), but the idea per se is already quite creative. #tb{:j}

Rectangle Movement Castle Block

Hey, I remember that! And got pretty sad about the fate of our collab too now that I remembered it :(
I'm a sucker for sprites that add to SMW's original sprite behaviors, so that's certainly something I'm going to use considering I ever hack again

Flower Roto Disc

That's certainly excentric lol. Would have to think of a good use for this.

DKC Barrels, Deluxe Version

Great work, but oh my God are we doomed.

Lemmy Boss

If this was in MET then I've fought this boy before. Looks pretty nifty and quite smooth. Feel like his last attack can catch one offguard though, so make sure to tune the speed of the falling balls (at least in the first bunches) so there's enough reaction time.

Good work as always!
btw someone should take care of that code tag that's taking this thread's tables to space...

Legião Urbana - A Tempestade (1996)
Those sprites look super neat, roto-disc looks nice, I even showed gif to MF folks, they said it's impressing. Moving Barrels are also looking good.


I like that lemmy boss a lot
Finished Hacks

In progress

Originally posted by RussianMan
Those sprites look super neat, roto-disc looks nice, I even showed gif to MF folks, they said it's impressing. Moving Barrels are also looking good.

Thanks for the praise, RussianMan.

The thing is, the Flower Roto Disc's movement is quite simple to model, but... SMW's engine is kinda limited. Explaining the movement:

As we know, we can describe a circular trajectory using polar coordinates, which SMW does, by the way. We have, then:
x = r cos(omega*t)
y = r sin(omega*t)

The idea in making that flower pattern is making the radius variable; so, our equations would be:
x = f(r) cos(t)
y = f(r) sin(t)

We need a function f(r) that goes from 0 to r, only. We can make it dependent on t too. The function I've chosen, by experimenting of course, was:
f(r,t) = r abs(cos(n*omega*t))
in which n is the period modifier for f(r,t). This n determines how the disc will move; a good value for n is something greater than 2, at least. If we have, for example, n < 2, the roto disc would tend to move in a spiral pattern. For the particular sprite I made available... I chose n = 3. But why this choice is so limited? It's because SMW's engine is limited itself; no floating point numbers, its multiplication operation is done with hardware register access instead of having an own multiplication instruction... Therefore, I made this sprite a bit rigid in the customization side; of course, if one understands how the parametric functions work... modifying the sprite should be a simple thing to do.


Dream team (feed them, please):

Math once again rears its ugly head outside of school to terrorize all the kiddywinkies. Great work!

Switch: SW-2766-9108-9399Twitter: @Vine_STYouTube: that ivy guy
Originally posted by Ivy
Math once again rears its ugly head outside of school to terrorize all the kiddywinkies. Great work!

Math turns up pretty often in programming tbh

Those sprites look nice too.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - Major Flare's Tiny ASM Gallery: Some Simple, Nice Sprites

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