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(Suggestions Open) PercentN Tileset Suggestion Thread: Swamp done, Sky next.
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - (Suggestions Open) PercentN Tileset Suggestion Thread: Swamp done, Sky next.
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What tileset should I do next?
Votes: 5 26.3%
Votes: 6 31.6%
Votes: 3 15.8%
Votes: 4 21.1%
Votes: 1 5.3%
Total voters: 11
Okay so looks like people want the swamp according to people on Discord and one post here.

In the mean time, I was inspired to make this. Here's a meaty screenshot. I hate it. I also hate that I have an idea for a layer 3 bg for it.

I'll get to work on the swamp foreals tho don't worry.
Maybe a savanna or outback-style tileset? There's not a lot of those...

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I did this instead of the swamp. Whoops. It's not finished but the bg is meant to be layer 3. Don't know if I'll do layer 2. Probably only if people want it.

"Meat" really reminds me of the game off with the meat lakes. It's perfect for those who really want a strange atmosphere.

or are edgy af

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For a "meat" tileset, looks freaky, but good for the most part.
Thanks for the kind words all! I'm sure someone will find a use for that fleshy tileset.
This is honestly the most I've drawn in a while and it feels good to get back into it. It's been great practice doing all these different kinds of sets.


As for the swamp set, here is a preview of what I have so far!

As you can see the muddy water can fit next to the corner tiles just fine, and their are various extra animations if you wanted to put objects behind and inside the water.

I didn't forget about the slopes this time for this set! #smrpg{y} Still need to come up with more decorations but it's getting there.
What else would you guys like to see next? There's still one day left so there's enough time to get in 1-2 more sets.

Edit: Also @CosmicTiff
Here's that thing you asked for.

Edit2: Updated again. Forgot to add the palette. There ya go.
Wow these tilesets look amazing! The meat-tileset kinda reminds me of Terraria's crimson worlds. The ground tiles are quite realistic and your layer3 BG is really outstanding! Despite this, your city, crystals and swamp also look very decent (quite detailed, without exaggerating too much - simply perfect for my taste). #tb{:]}
And you draw this and the other tilesets in such a short time? Truly amazing! #tb{O_O}

I casted my votes for your next tileset and I'm really curious what else you gonna finish during this C3. I'll certainly peek this thread a few more times. #tb{;)}

I really like these tilesets, you have a really nice art style.

How possible would it be for you to make a magical forest tileset? I'm thinking something with differently-colored trees and weird flowers, resembling an environment like this i know, "hAHa mIneCraft reALLY PAt??!?!!!1"

There's lot of forest tilesets but a lot of them seem to clash with SMW's graphics imo, and personally I wanted to use a tileset other than the vanilla one. It'd be nice to see your take on it. Thanks #smrpg{y}
These are all really good! For the hacks I make, these all suit my style. One tileset I struggle with finding most times is a train tileset, whether it be on top of a train, or the interior. I tried making it once before, but it was more of a mish-mash of existing tilesets and extensive focus on small details, I never really finished something of my own.

I'd like to see what your take would be on a train-related tileset. :O
Huh. That's pretty different, definitely not what I was expecting it to look like. It's interesting, though.
I like how these sets are turning out, and id actually would like to see background accompanied for a few tilesets (well...mainly the crystal one...useful for caves and starry voids as seen in one of my earlier posts in this thread...though im also okay with seeing a city one made for layer 2).

My main criticism I have with the swamp tileset is that the mushroom platforms imho look a little flat in how its shaded, unless that's intentional.

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Added a little more deco and fixed dem shroomies for ya.

Alright this is good enough for now. Time for the sky set!. There might be time for one more set after this.
Damn, these tilesets look so good, it kind of gives me a run for the money!

The swamp tileset is very nice. I love the dirt texture you used, although I'm not too keen on the texture of the leaves of the forest, but everything else about it is really good. That lighting you had on the slopes makes me a bit envious, to be honest.

The Meat tileset... It's more like a vore (not sorry) tileset, if you ask me. The background even looks like something from Yoob's Belly, or Jabu-Jabu's Belly from their respective games. Either way, if anyone ever makes a level out of vore or anything involving exploring the insides or belly of something, that would fit absolutely perfectly.

The Cave tileset reminds me of the caves in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Did you perhaps get inspiration from that game? The walls, the purple palette, the crystals... It all feels too similar to be a coincidence...

The Oriental tileset...There's really not much going on there. There's sakura petals on the ground, lamps, and trees. It does give an oriental vibe, but it doesn't have as much heart as the other tilesets do.

And finally, the City tileset. Despite the lack of slopes, it's pretty cool for a city theme! I've never seen anyone make telephone wires like that, before. Good work on that.

Overall, that's my opinion on each set you've done thus far. Well done!
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The swamp tileset looks nice, is there a background that goes with it?

Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel

The city and Crimson-esque meat zone are probably my favorites among these; it's a tough pick, though. Delicious...

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A lot of people seem to like the fleshy set l0l

Sorry for the lack of updates since my last post. Clouds are harder than I thought to draw as a FG, but I've come up with something!

This is all I've got so far cuz I've spent so much time figuring out this cloud stuff. #smrpg{roar} This will probably be the last set I have time for, but I hope you guys are enjoying what I've made!
Originally posted by PercentN
[...] This will probably be the last set I have time for, but I hope you guys are enjoying what I've made!

Judging all the positive feedback everyone enjoy, what you made during this C3. #tb{:j}

The meat tileset is probably the most unusual seen here, so maybe that's why it stood out to so many people? #tb{:]}

It's a bit sad to hear, that this is going to be yourlast tileset, but you've got other duties in your life, as well. Perhaps these clouds took some time, but they are certainly more realistic than the simple SMW ones. The pillar also looks phenomenal. My only complaint would be, that these platforms could need some more shading perhaps. I'm no artist, so i could be wrong with that, but currently they look quite flat to me, compared to the "depth" of the rest of this tileset. But as said, this is only a suggestion a person with absolute 0 knowledge about art had.
However, i wish you good luck with this tileset (i think it's not finished so far) and thank you for the excellent graphics you made for us during this C3! #smw{:TUP:}

Huh, that reminds me of one of your other sets in that old hack. The cloud platforms could use a bit more depth and maybe a fill pattern, and are you planning on adding slopes to them? Otherwise, it should be good.
At the moment, the clouds for this tileset look nice. I can say that they do need improvement, but this is good for a start. I also like the addition of the pillars here; something about a sky set having castle elements makes it feel complete. Though makey some foreground details would be nice on this tileset. With a set such as a sky, some little details can really brighten up the set- weather on the pillars or inside the clouds.

Anyways, great work here! #smw{:TUP:}
Good luck on this tileset!
Okay an update on thee gfx. Changed their orientation, added slopes, bean stalk thingy. Still gunna add more but yea. When I finish this I'll see if i can do at least 1 BG for one of the sets.

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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - (Suggestions Open) PercentN Tileset Suggestion Thread: Swamp done, Sky next.

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