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2 spicy Tilesets and a tasty Layer 3 for the price of none
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - 2 spicy Tilesets and a tasty Layer 3 for the price of none
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Why hello it is I and I'm here to give you two little Tilesets that you may or not may not enjoy.
People who are active on the Discord Server might have seen this before but over the last year I managed to make exactly 2 (two) things that are acceptable and worth showcasing here. It's not much but I hope some people will still enjoy it or that it at least doesn't suck too bad.

Tileset 1: Percussion Path (FG + BG)


This is somewhat inspired by Bandland from the original Rayman. I originally made it for a now cancelled Hack of mine so I thought that before everyone forgets it forever I could showcase it here and pretend I prepared things. Most things were drawn by myself with a few exceptions:
- The Instruments in the Background originally are from KingBoo's rip of the Music Plant Zone from Sonic Advance 2
- The wood texture in the ground tiles comes from Super Mario Bros 3.'s Wood set
- Im not fully sure anymore but I think I ripped the stars from Kirby's Adventure or some other game with pretty stars

Tileset 2: Tob's SMW Grassland revamp (FG)


I finished this tileset just a few days ago and once again I was gonna use it for a Hack but because I know that I secretly love cancelling Hacks I figured that I'd be better off showing it here.
It's basically my personal reimagining of SMW's grassland tileset. It contains two ground types (grass and rock) and alternate Background tiles to go along with it. It doesn't contain many decoration tiles except for the grass and flower but I couldnt think of much else, I hope this can still be usable for some people. Oh yeah it's also completely made by me.

Layer 3: SMW Bushes


Just a neat little thing I made over the c3 days for a hack. I figured it might be useable for others as well so here we go, enjoy some layer 3 bushes.
Also I would recommend using some uberASM magic to make the Layer 2 BG scroll slower then the Layer 3:

//Credit to MarioFanGamer for helping me with the code

    REP #$20
    LDA $1A
    LSR #2
    STA $1466
    SEP #$20

And that does it for now. As I said before I hope people can find any use for these tilesets. The sets should be available in the Graphics Section in a moment. The download links work now.

// Layout by Maxo
Musical one is very neat, I still like it

Grass one is also cool, I like the little details like the grass shifting to dirt on the underside and your animations are clean. For decoration tiles if you want more I'd say do the usual like bushes and tree stumps and stuff but regardless #smw{:TUP:}
The percussion path is my favourite of those graphics. The details in both of the foreground are wonderful.
I remember when you showed us your "Percussion Path" on discord. The idea per se is great already and i I really like how you implemented a few different percussion instruments in this. To me especially the BG looks fascinating!!

The Grassland Tileset is perhaps a bit more "average" regarding its idea, but the execution is still very nice and one can clearly tell, that you've put some effort into it. The animated grass and flowers make this much more lively than the standard SMW grassland.

In conclusion very nice work, Tob! Please stop talking badly about yourself, because you definitely are a talented graphics artist! #w{<3}

A music tileset is a truly original idea, and it looks like you could build some really fun levels with it. Great job!


Originally posted by People

Thanks a lot for the quick and overwhelmingly positive responses, it means a lot to me.

Also just a heads up the Download links now work and will be updated once the sets get accepted in the section.
// Layout by Maxo
Love the musical tileset here. Looks great, and seems like something that'll work very well for a creative abstract level in any SMW hack.

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Wow I really like that music tileset. It looks like it goes just right in SMW, too, and we can always use more unique theme tilesets that do.

Grassland also looks neat. The rocky bits make me think of a half-grass half-cave level. Could be fun to pull that off with LM3 now. also that flower is me

Not a lot but still a good lot. Keep up the good work!

Percussion Path is gorgeous! I love the palette a lot; pastels like that are just really comfy
I like the background on the first set a lot. It has this nice, idyllic vibe to it. Overall I prefer the second tileset though. It's a very nice-looking grassland, which always has some utility.

you're mom bannd
I remember both of these from Discord very well. And of course, they both still look great! It'd be really hard for me to choose favorites. I think I also might be able to put the Grassland tileset into use for something, so that's cool.

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Both are very cute tilesets! Out of these I look forward to using the Grassland revamp, and the musical one also looks fantastic. Keep up the good work #w{<3}#w{<3}#w{<3}#w{<3}#w{<3}#w{<3}#w{<3}
Surely those two tilesets look awesome for choconilla hacks. I specially like that the originality of the musical tileset. Keep up the good work!
God, both of these look wonderful, Tobio. That first set will definitely find some use in more "abstract" themed levels and that grasslands tileset looks amazing for being a re-imagining of the original style. Always glad to see stuff from you :)
Holy hot damn these are nice #smrpg{<3}. Custom tilesets like these aren't of much use in kaizo hacks but I'll try to work the music one into the one I'm gonna start up someday. Great work Tob
as i noted on discord, i'm really a fan of that second tileset. hope to see it get some really nice use.

I've watched your progress on these two tilesets on #showoff, and I must say, they are spectacular. The grassland one is absolutely beautiful, and actually goes well with the Super Mario World style, too. The musical one reminds me of Band Land from Rayman, but also kind of reminds me of my own abstract/space themed VLDCX level, Starlight Symphony.

You should do more tilesets. #smrpg{y}
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Originally posted by more People
more stuff

once again thanks a lot for all this positive feedback. I am surprised that so many people enjoy the music set. I didn't expect it to get much attention to be honest (also because im not really proud of it personally but eh).

Just thank you very much.
// Layout by Maxo
the second one looks like kind of a mix of smw and yi vibes, and i REALLY like it. i dont really see myself using the first one, although it really fits the smw theme. overall, this is super nice work.
Either graphic set is extremely well made here. As for the second one, I don't know why you wouldn't come up with some more things like bushes, mole mounds or heck, perhaps some different flowers like tulips. You're a super creative guy and you'd be capable of doing this.

At least one of these sets may make it to a possible future chocolate hack of mine. It's least likely that the former may be seen there, though. Anyways, splendid work!
I have a Discord server as well!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2019 - 2 spicy Tilesets and a tasty Layer 3 for the price of none

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