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Ultra HE THICC Realms: the same demo Vinesauce played on New Year's

Super Mario WorldDemoVideo/Trailer

"Now, I know what you're thinking."

I did make a demo of this awhile back, but that thing was an ungodly mess. So many things didn't work at all. So, I decided to make a fixed demo version of this hack for Vinesauce as a Christmas present. Since he streamed it, I decided to let the public try out the demo as well.

Ultra HE THICC Realms aims to be the hack that kills off Vinesauce's most hated meme, HE THICC. Your goal in this game is to stop an RTCorrupted demon from removing THICC Land from existence. You need to find the 4 Bap Switches to make your way to the final castle. Along the way, you'll see many familiar faces, including Waluigi, Quario, Mario, Wallio, Bruno, and Sponge, as well as other non-brothers like the Terminal 8, Pedro, Sans, Joel, Woodman, and more.

There are sections that Vinny hadn't gotten to, so there's a little more than shown for you to check out.
You can also corrupt it if you want, you might find some of the other levels hidden in there.

Once the full game comes out, it will have:

-More than 40 fun-filled levels
-3 different game modes for you to enjoy
-tons of custom bosses and gimmicks
-L O R E
-Jukebox for listening to the soundtrack
-Interactive cutscenes
-Far too many Vinesauce references to list
-A handy Tips section at the file select screen
-And far more!

This demo comes with
-A broken-ass title screen
-A BRB screen
-Releasio Road
-Speedway Luigi
-V A P O R W O R L D
-Dig to China
-Dark Factory
-Dark Office Tower
-What to Expect

Watch the stream here!

Download here!
Originally posted by OP
This demo comes with
-A broken-ass title screen
-What to Expect

God, yes. I'm already loving this. I'll get to playing the demo sometime tonight!
I have no idea what i could say about this hack. I think it's an other top candidate for best joke hack? I really don't know what to say, since i have 100 of thoughts going through my head now.

I must admot though, "Antiworld"'s gimmick was pretty cool. Perhaps a few hacks used this before, but to me it was my first time i saw it executed in this way. #smrpg{sick}

I saw Vinny's stream of it, but I was in and out so I didn't realise this was your creation until the very end lol

I do agree with him that you have some nice ideas here, so it'll be interesting to see how they come into fruition. Good luck with it all!
I noticed that, out of all the HE THICC stuff, the SMW hacks seem to be the good ones...

Also, will the final version have an actual world map to navigate?
Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
Can't wait to see the full release!
It was funny when Vinesauce played this, how did that conversation happen?

Super Mario WorldDemoVideo/Trailer