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Modern Recover Lunar Magic, AddMusic Extract and some patches

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Hey there everyone!

So, as you may already know, I'm part of Hack Fix/Translation Team and to aid us in fixing/translating hacks we (and by that I mean This Eye o' Mine) have created some tools. We decided that we should share these with others.

Modern Recover Lunar Magic

Lunar Magic has a stupidly hidden feature called locking the ROM and what it does is even more stupid. It encrypts level object data, ExGFX pointers and some overworld stuff I'm not 100% sure about. If you try to open such a ROM in LM, you'll be told that the ROM has been locked and you can do nothing about it.
However, a user known as Parasyte created Recover Lunar Magic which would reverse that process. Sadly, RLM has been discontinued and broke when object 27 has been updated.

This version has been confirmed to recover hacks made with newer LM versions even up to 3.01!
We don't know if there's an encryption that we overlooked, but we hope that isn't the case.

Download (32 Bit version)

AddMusic Extract

This is a tool that has a very specific use and along with that it requires some ASM knowledge. What this does, is take the music data used by AddMusic in the hack and disassemble it into hex data ASM files, but with loop commands turned into macros and labels. You may ask "But why?", the reason is that so you can rearrange how the music is stored in ARAM, which is how we fix the hacks. It also tells you when some songs have too big echo delay.


And now for some patches.

Message Chaining

Makes it so after you close a certain message, another one appears immediately. The 2nd message can be any of the 192 available messages in LM. You can also chain the 2nd message to another one and so on.


Overworld Messages

It's the thing we use for translation notes in our translations. Shows up a message when you press Select on the level spot. You can configure which levels have messages and whether it should be available before beating the level.

Download (not fully finished)

Move Samples and Move Echo Buffer

Move Samples moves where the sample data is stored in ARAM in SMW.
Move Echo Buffer moves where the echo buffer is located in ARAM in SMW.
These things have a very niche use.

Download (Samples)

Download (Echo Buffer)

Echo Stutter and Robot Band fix

This is basically our version of more.bin which fixes 2 issues which happen in early addmusic hacks.
Echo stuttering happens when data is uploaded to SPC, but echo is not turned off, so you can hear it stuttering.
Robot band is a great thing that happens when a sound effect is played on a channel that's playing a percussion insturment which then corrupts the instrument data. Example


And that's all! I know that not everything has a lot of use for others, but I think it's good to share the code we've been using in case someone would need something like this.
Check out Team Hack Fix/Translations' thread full of fixed and translated SMW hacks!

Wanted Permabanned or Dead by new staff team
I noticed that the "Recover Lunar Magic" version smwc hosts is quite broken on modern hacks. If yours can even de-crypt modern hacks made with LM 3.01 this is fantastic. Peeking into some other hacks surely helps, if you are curious how specific gimmicks have been created.

I don't know if i'll make use of the Addmusic thing, but your 2 message patches are definitely very useful again. I wonder if i'll make use of them in my hack, too?
Thank you from me to you / your team! #tb{:]}

That's preety cool, I didn't realize you make tools or patches or for that matter recover old hacks. Thanks for your work.
Pretty good stuff here!

I remember some of the stuff from raocow's VIP4 let's play. Either way, message chaning and overworld messages are useful for general hacks.

AddmusicExtract also is very useful for Fixme hacks. One reason why the project failed is because of the lack of a way to extract musics especially since some musics used in the hacks aren't hosted in the music section (today and back then).
Everything in here is cool, but those overworld messages are awesome to add some lore to the game. I also like the chained messages.
To start, the new build of Recover Lunar Magic will certainly be useful. I actually never knew the level editor can actually do that, and I still haven't found out how to do that. Though if that were to ever accidentally happen, this will be a welcome tool to use here. And as for AddMusic Extract... well, I can't say much since I don't know any ASM. Though the ability to rearrange where the music tracks are placed may be useful.

Now, for the patches, these seem very useful. Especially the "Message Chaining" patch, these will be really useful for explaining some complex gimmicks or facts for a certain level.

Great job! #smw{:peace:}
Thanks for those useful tools, could change a lot.

hacks are getting in danger again
Awesome work, Carol Marks! Your potential is great and you have a lot of knowledge for your age.

Consider adding SA-1 support to the new LM recover, since currently it's 100% impossible to decrypt any SA-1 ROM, whatever LM version you used.

But looking forward for more! Good job
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Finally, RLM came back! Now, time to use this thing to break some stuff...
RIP, Coolio. (1963 – 2022) 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
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I was always bothered at how broken and not that intuitive RLM was when it came to unlocking the ROMs, and seeing this makes our lives 100% easier.
Last two patches are pretty neat too! gj.
While it's good to have a LRM update, people now have easier access to steal from others and so it would make the locking feature useless #smrpg{gasp}
Originally posted by Fullcannon
While it's good to have a LRM update, people now have easier access to steal from others and so it would make the locking feature useless #smrpg{gasp}

What kind of stealing does locking even prevent against? You can literally just copy graphics from a screenshot if you're determined enough (or use SnesGFX on a screenshot if you're lazier). And why would anyone even want to steal an entire level? Those are the only 2 things I know LM locks. The locking feature already was useless IMO.
Pleasantly surprised to see RLM make a comeback! There aren't many hacks I'm eager to try it out on, and I'm not going to lock my own hack anyway, but it's good to know this exists.

Thanks for releasing the message box and overworld info patches, too! I saw them in raocow's VIP videos and didn't even think to wish they were public.

Originally posted by Fullcannon
While it's good to have a LRM update, people now have easier access to steal from others and so it would make the locking feature useless #smrpg{gasp}

True, but I don't think it's much of an issue. The only people who would steal from a hack are those who are deterred by a hack being locked and don't know about RLM. In that sense, locking a hack is a protection against malicious and/or less intelligent people, and using RLM is proof you know what you're doing.

Hooray! Recover Lunar Magic is modernized! I loved that tool back in the day. I used to use it for whatever I could not find a secret exit in a hack.

This modern version works like a charm. The author of the hack I opened expresses his love for watermelons.
Layout by Erik557
Thanks a lot for this, I already saw the ASM patches in action in the fixed VIP hacks :P
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I had no idea how much I wanted message chaining until I was made aware of such wizardry.

Chapter Two: Land of No Shame
These are pretty cool stuff. IIRC there was a sprite that could show 2 messages too, but your patch allows for more chained messages, which is more useful.

Also the Overworld Messages are neat.

Userbar by Green Jerry

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ive been slacking on c3 stuff :p

the message box chaining is SUPER cool, and i had no idea i wanted it until now. ill definitely be using this in the future!
Originally posted by Super Maks 64
We'll have more patches to showcase later.

Do you suppose you'll be showing them off soon, or are you going to wait until Summer C3?

Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

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