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Bucket list
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I'm not sure how universal the term is, so a quick explanation: a "bucket list" is a list of things you want to accomplish or do before you eventually die (therefore kicking the bucket). All philosophical stuff aside, we're all gonna die some day—so what do you wanna get done before then? These can be modest goals, or even goals so astronomical that it may actually even a lifetime to reach. It doesn't matter, just list 'em off for me and maybe, just MAYBE explain why these items are on your list.

For me, despite a lot of thought put into the idea over many sleepless nights, I can only think of a few things off the top of my head that I want to accomplish before they throw me in the ground, and those would be:
  • Publish a Book - as a writer I would prefer to publish a whole bunch of books, but at the very least I want to publish at least one written work in my life that'll be remembered way after I'm gone.
  • Visit Every Single Country - not really something I'm actively working toward at the moment, but as I get older and have more of an ability to travel I would like to take that opportunity and visit every country I possibly can. Grew up in a rather low-income household that, while we could afford all the basic necessities, we never had the chance to go on any exotic vacations like some tend to do. I wanna make up for that :>
  • Skydiving - honestly this is more about overcoming nerves than anything, and I could realistically accomplish this at any point. I just...haven't, quite yet. I'm terrified of heights, but the view from up there and just the sheer thrill of it all would make up for that fear. Eventually I'll get it. ...someday.

ITT: What do you want to have accomplished before you die?
• Visit some of my friends that I talk to on Discord - The only thing that holds me back from this is that I'm not the kind of person that likes to travel, especially alone. Gives me anxiety.

• Visit the West Coast - As a matter in fact, I have never actually been to any area outside my own timezone, except for the timezone in Bermuda.

• Hit 1000 subs on YouTube - This was an old one that I lost motivation with accomplishing. Lol, probably won't happen at this rate.
Get a mortgage on a house, make at least one long SMW hack (lol), become fluent in Spanish, stay on my career path for years to come.

I've been building my bucket list since I was a child. I add one new thing each birthday, and right now currently have 26 items on my list. My 27th birthday is coming up in May, so I'll have to figure out a new one by then as well. I feel quite lucky as to have already accomplished a few of these. That said, a few of them are on going, and can never truly be accomplished without continuous work. Another handful are no longer accomplishable, so they've been reworked into a new goal.

1. Study ballet
2. Work at Nintendo
3. Live in Japan
4. Learn Japanese and German
5. Visit HAL Laboratory
6. Visit every continent
7. Attend E3
8. Write a fiction book
9. Finished development of the Super Kirby World SMW hack
10. Own Game & Watch collection
11. Visit Antarctica hot springs
12. Own brand and company
13. Interview Pokémon Elite Four creators (Masuda, Tajiri, Sugimori, Ishihara)
14. Attain 100,000 subscribers
15. Raise age x $1,000 for charity
16. Write age x 365 articles
17. Conduct an orchestra
18. Meet Satoru Iwata -> Publish Satoru Iwata biography
19. Find Mother 64 beta
20. Write AM2R guide
21. Design Kirby themed sweet lolita dress
22. Create sailor fashion brand
23. Climb Mt. Fuji
24. Create Pokémon world video series
25. Write Super Luigi Sunshine sprite comic
26. Produce the Dream Oath Opera as a short movie
Go to Japan for some of their 'unique' restaurants #ab{;)}

Nah... wait, that too, but... I'm not really into traveling long distances away from home. There's still time, so that's not a problem for now.
Play some games with some old and still friends of mine, but I don't think I might ever be able to do that...
Order some things off the internet. I know others have been doing this for years, but I never had/don't have the means to.
Make a simple platformer game. I had some ideas across the years, but they never went anywhere, and I don't know if I'm ever going to make that game or any by myself.
I'm not into having the most number of subscribers or anything like that, but if I manage to make others' day better doing what I do, it'd be still good. At least more than once #ab{^^;;;}

These goals of mine seem like dreams #ab{:LOL:}
C'mon, man, I try my best.
Oh my gosh my bucket list...


(The ones I’ve accomplished are crossed out)

My ultimate dream of inspiring people
My dream of being a pop musician
Perform on stage
Meet the love of my life
Have kids
Meet Michael Jackson and his brothers
Hang out with the YouTuber AttackingTucans
Go Skydiving
Complete a collab hack (which is near)
Go on a cruise
Go to Hawaii
Attend E3
Go to PAX
Go to Anime Expo
Go to Comic Con
Learn to ballroom dance
Be a successful YouTuber
Publish a book

My youtube:
My twitch:
I don't remember if I ever made a bucket list per say before. Probably answered to similar threads in a distant past at best. Let's give it a shot:

Achieve stability in a job I like
Marry, get our dream place and our kids (includes getting completely over having to adopt in the meantime)
Travel to places where we can connect with nature
Learn guitar and be able to perform decently to a circle of people I like
Achieve happiness
Never built a bucket list before but here goes nothing:

Graduate in a course I like
Have a decent job with a worthy salary
Find someone I want to stay with for the rest of my life and have kids and a perfect dream home
Learn to play some instruments
Also relearn biking again (I fell from one once and never touched any ever since)
Visit at least one country other than Uruguay
- Become a successful VGM composer and arranger (as a hobby).
- Release my hack series.
- Own a hot hatch or coupé that's (still) fast enough for today's standards and is easy enough to maintain.
- Create and publish an RPG.
- Have a happy family.
- Own a couple of dog breeds of my interest.
- Visit the best water parks in the world.
- Learn a thing or two about confectionery and execute some of my favorite recipes sometimes (and maybe come up with some of my own!).
Originally posted by Giftshaven
• Visit the West Coast

Go to Oregon. If you like sight seeing and nature it's the best state on the west coast.

As for my bucket list:
-Visit as many countries as possible and see every continent
-See the northernmost town in the world
-Try Japanese Spider Crab meat
-Make a four minute long port
-Have a career I don't utterly despise
-Build a house for myself in my home state by the time I retire
-Learn to play the drums and saxophone
-Get a Boston Terrier and name it Jermaine

My layout has removed you.
Originally posted by Face

It's all fun and games until someone toys with fate.
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
It's all fun and games until someone toys with fate.

Or until someone toys with face. #smrpg{sick}

I don't really have much of a bucket list other than visit other countries and meet some people there.

There's things I wanted to be able to do with my life but they're not really well-defined so it's difficult for me to write them out. Overall, we'll see how everything works out when we get there.
Originally posted by RanAS
Or until someone toys with face.

Say my name three times in the mirror after midnight. I dare you.

My layout has removed you.
I want to visit New Zealand, take that trip to Cali with my wife, quit my job and work from home, not necessarily in that order. :P
Never really written one, but I've had general things I've wanted to accomplish. A few off of the top of my head:

-Write and publish a webcomic (The MS Paint joke one I do right now doesn't count)
-Become more active on these forums
-Actually finish a hack (or at least a demo (The YouTube demo of the first 2 worlds of one of my cancelled hacks doesn't count))
-Be at least partially fluent in another language

...That's all I can think of for now. If you want to know why two of them involve ROM hacking, my hobbies are very on-and-off, so these aren't really "life goals" per se, just goals I can think of right now.
Let me see:
-Get a new laptop (mainly for general use and entry-to-mid-level gaming)
-Build a new gaming PC right after getting a new laptop.
-Try stonefish sashimi and see what it tastes like.
-Get a first Gunpla (in this case it's either the Graze from IBO or Man Rodi)
-Actually finish a hack.
-Improve my drawing skill (well, maybe with just a mouse and MS Paint because I'm broke af)
-Have a quiet life.
- Become a fully-experienced VGM Porter / Re-mixer (for hobbies)
- Writing my own tool to help the community
- Actually finish a SMW Hack
- Become a SMW Music Moderator to help others with my experience
- Meet certain friends I talked on the Internet
- Get my first personal laptop (it's a MacBook Pro 13' 2017)
- Get my second personal laptop and use them together
- Get my first real game console (it's a Nintendo Switch)
- Write my own theme for personal blog
- Get 10000 star on my GitHub repo
- Finish a comment system I am working with
- Go to Shanghai
- Go to Shenzhen
- Learn Japanese
- Find my perfect waifu and get a perfect family
Formerly known as tcdw (2011-2021)
PortsAMK SPC DisassemblerC3 Winter 2022 Stuff
One thing that's been at the top of my bucket list for a LONG time now has been to attend a BotCon/Transformers convention. I view it as being akin to Mecca for Muslims, in that a Transformers fan like myself has to go to at least one in his/her lifetime.

Beyond that, here are a few other things:

* See SWV (one of my favorite bands) live
* Meet Peter "Optimus Prime" Cullen
* Make an indie game (I have an idea, but, after failing to fully grasp ASM, I've been scared of the prospect of programming it.)

Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court!
- Transformers the Movie (1986)
I'd like to visit Oceania one day. I have lots of family in Australia and they have welcomed us to visit many times, and several members have visited us here in the US. I've kinda been putting it off though because it's a super long trip, and from where I am, there are no direct flights, so would need to fly to LA (which is like 5 hours) then to AU (which is like another 16 hours). I'm not nervous about flying but I get super restless, even on just a 5 hour flight, so can't imagine what a 16 hour flight would do to me haha.
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