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Mario's Drug Trip 3 ( final stage )Kaizo Maestro

Drugs are bad

stage 1
YESSS BOI #smrpg{<3}

Highly looking forward to this hack. Your screenshots look insane as always and I'm looking forward to seeing this insanity in action. Do whatever you need to do in terms of taking breaks and whatnot, we all support you.

Chungus fish
Just take your time. What matters is that your hack will be finished one day, so try not to set a deadline for yourself.
This looks pretty dope by the way. I'm always amazed at how you can take advantage of overused sprites. How many hacks of the MDT series you plan to make though?
Good luck!
Thanks Decoy Blimp and Katerpie

Originally posted by Katerpie
# How many hacks of the MDT series you plan to make though?

MDT3 will be the last.
That's why I'll give myself time because I want it to be good at the end
i promised that I would not rush things

I try my best,I do not want it to look normal, I have some ideas in mind.
Take your time and keep up the good work #smw{:TUP:}
I'm sorry but I find it too early to start with this hack, it makes me depressed and puts me under a lot of stress.
I'll only start when I'm ready, but do not be scared I'll do a little hack like A & D but not so long.
Just take your time man. Don't forget what I told you once about not making too many hacks consecutively either, especially the ones in the same caliber.
stage 1 preview

I have motivation again and slowly start working on the stage.
Have you ever seen someone juggling a torpedo?

I do not like the music, do you have any suggestions?

So you know I'm not taking any drugs
It's been a long time and I apologize for my inactivity, but there have been and are problems in my life.
I am very busy because of my work and I do a therapy, in addition, I'm looking for a new house which is hard. Unfortunately, I have to say that my computer is broken, but I'll get a new one as soon as I can. For MDT3 I say only that it will be my last multi hack but it will be a long-term project so it will be slow.
I hope you are not mad at me.

These are the levels names:

Stage 1 - DopeFish (Waterstage)
Stage 2 - Shellocore (Hills)
Stage 3 - Cruel (Ice)
Stage 4 - Xbzirayl (Castle)
Stage 5 - Yoshi's Drug Trip (Forest)
Stage 6 - Cape Abuse 2 (Athletics Star)
Stage 7 - WHSP (switch palace)
Stage 8 Codex Gigas (Ghost House)
Stage 9 Flashback to Hell (Castle Layer 2)
Final Stage - Kaizo Maestro
Worked a bit on the level, it is a little annoying with the laptop because the battery is broken and goes out after 2 hours

Not entirely sure what I'm looking at but I can only assume it's trippy and incredibly fun!
Wow a little feedback, thanks.
Yes it is trippy but very annoying to test because it is much more complicated than it looks. I try to show more when I have enough

DopeFish Stage 1 is almost ready
3 screenshots of different levels

The first is from the new Stage 3 Shellocore
A hardcore stage with shells, shell juggling and much more guaranteed.

The next one is from Stage 4, I don't have a name yet but it's inspired by Soko in the one level with Magikoopa. Feels like an intense version. When Magikoopa Magic touches these orange blocks, the ground disappears under Mario's feet.

The next one is from Stage 5 Jugglenaut 3, so I haven't worked much on it yet.

I'm not sure when the next stage will come, but I'll be showing a new preview of Shellocore soon
A few screenshots for Stage 3 and 4

Jump Disco Shell jump! Also thanks for this cool Sprite KevinM

From stage 4 It's Magic Time!
*reads comments*
Stimulate your senses

Jokes aside this looks batshit as always. Never seen flying keyholes before, I like the way you implemented them. And that first room looks like an upgrade of something you did in the final stage of Abuse and Die 3. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!