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Mario's Drug Trip 3 ( final stage )Kaizo Maestro

That is some messed up barrel right there (uh oh)...
The things you do with barrels have never ceased to amaze me
Hi folks, it's been a little while since I touched LM but I took a little break for private reasons. I'm working on a section of stage 3 where I need help, I've asked before but didn't quite understand. Is there an easier way?


Only one Screenshot sry
As I said, the progress is slow and I don't want to force myself. I have a little video here of what the level will be like.


Also i dont do drugs
Hi guys, it's been a while and I wanted to report that I currently have little desire and no motivation for hacking and I feel very depressed.
Hacking is a hobby for me but I don't enjoy it right now

I don't feel ready to continue, which is why I'm taking still a little break, I don't want to go into too much detail, but I hope you understand. Maybe when it gets better I will join kldc

I wish you the best and if I feel better then I'll start again. But not now
All the best! Life is more than just a hobby, it's not a full-time job. Please don't feel any guilt for taking a break.
I didn't really want to show anything, but here are a few screenos.

You have to enter the mini pipe with a mushroom and while you are in the pipe you have to do screenscrolling so that yoshi doesn't disappear.

Flower or Cape choose wisely

Cape has to go up but how?

By the way, a little old but here's a preview
Small update on this hack, I'm 50% done with stage 5 but I'm too lazy and have no motivation as always. But I'll try to finish stage 5 this year, hopefully I don't make any promises. Kaizo is not fun right now imo and it feels like a heavy burden.
And that's what I was waiting for. I like the progress on your hack so far, even if some stunts seem not really obvious to begin with, and there's some unneeded stuff. I even recognize some music from ThirdWall's Mostly Harmless.

For example, you don't have to use one of the shell-less Koopas in the section where you're shooting them down prior to feeding Yoshi. You even proved that on your video.

I also liked that springboard trick that's already known from pit hacks. Doesn't look too intimidating to execute and should be easier than performing a corner clip. Although there's something weird in the second section that requires the trick. Are these the same munchers as before? I can see springboard explicitly going through these. Using these from the original game and damage boost at the end a lot longer than that, should mitigate the issue.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Your levels are really trippy and out of the comfort zone as always. This one is no exception, but you should add a message box or something that explains the entire gimmick of switching between Mario and Luigi, I suppose.

Also, that one punching glove at the bottom could be removed since it wasn't of any use at all, and neither did the pipe.

7 up, those are instant kill munchers, they're just with a different stem palette.
I see some weird acting at 6:00,  Katerpie. If these instant kill munchers are the same as previously, is this the old version that's prominently glitchy at the edges? The same munchers were in Mario Must Die 2.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Pay attention to the exact frames the springboard is tossed up in both moments then :P
The munchers you pointed out are on layer 2 and passable by sprites. That's why you saw "weird acting".
Also, there's the lack of a BG in the same room, which only reinforces that.

Originally posted by Katerpie
The munchers you pointed out are on layer 2 and passable by sprites. That's why you saw "weird acting".

Throwing the spring several times in a short amount of time can cause it to clip through blocks slightly. So it's not necessarily a layer 2 thing