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Mario's Drug Trip 3 ( final stage )Kaizo Maestro

early stage 6 preview

also thanks for the feedback guys love u all #w{<3}
Nothing about stage 6 but something about the final stage

not much to say except yoshi will fly like a balloon
I'm having issues with my hacks, I've fixed A&D Lost World and A&D3 as best I can. I want to release it, but for private reasons it takes even longer.
Regarding A&D2 I just want to say that I am considering deleting this hack maybe.
I lost Mario's Drug Trip, and the 2nd part takes time to fix.

I used two different roms for Mario's Drug Trip 2.

If nothing comes longer then I'm sorry, I'll try to show some screenshots soon
I worked a bit on stage6 the last few days, I was about 70% finished and suddenly the rom doesn't work properly anymore, so many stages are broken and the rom crashes. I won't waste my fu**ing time fixing everything again this year.
Originally posted by Magikey
Originally posted by Katerpie
The munchers you pointed out are on layer 2 and passable by sprites. That's why you saw "weird acting".

Throwing the spring several times in a short amount of time can cause it to clip through blocks slightly. So it's not necessarily a layer 2 thing

I'm several months late (better late than never), but I apologize for the misinformation. I didn't assume it literally just clipped regardless of layer 2.

As for OP's latest post, do you have any sort of backup prior to the crashes? It'd be unfortunate if it ruined everything you planned up to this point, though I wouldn't be surprised if you decide not to work on it anymore, because you made a damn lot of hard work.
I found a copy of the Rom, everything is okay.
But I'm not okay, everything goes up and down, please forgive me for taking so long.
These are most likely the last screenshots before I finish stage6

and something from the final stage
Not much to show except for a few screenshots of Stage 7 Codex Gigas

Sorry for the abstinence, I'm not doing so well in life. But I've finished stage 8

Originally posted by AbuseFreakHacker
I'm not doing so well in life

I am very sorry to hear. But I want to mention that you are doing very well in whatever your hack is. I don't really understand what's going on, but I love your videos. Keep'em coming!
All the best for you!
Thanks, I have 2 screenshots of the final stage here. It's not much though
Reminder it's still wip

final preview

Not going to lie but I showed a preview of final stage yesterday and looking back I don't like it. I removed the video. It looks easy imo and I don't like it in general. If I have something better I will show something or not
I don't know what to do anymore, I'm just not as motivated as I used to be.
I'm currently trying to fix my hacks and it's just too much, plus I need to get the final stage done for Mario's Drug Trip 3 without it rushing. I would love to show you some progress but I have nothing to show to be honest. I was planning to release Mario's Drug Trip 2 for C3 but I don't even have anything for it. Smw hacking isn't as much fun as it used to be