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If this is the final version, then why is the hack locked?

Do you not want people to use this as a base?

It's to avoid that other people are stealing inside, that's why locks exist.
Not really sure why they bothered locking it. It's not as if there is any original content in this anyway.
I mean it's neat that every graphic is altered, but it's just super mario world. So locking it to avoid stealing or changing is pointless.
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What we have here is a very good base ROM with which someone inexperienced in adding resources could turn into their own hack and credit your efforts.

Personally, I think a base ROM section would be good, but while there's no process for that, and while recreations are out of guidelines, it's a shame these efforts can't be shone on in better light.

Edit: I did a long play review just for you, if you want to see it.

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Anyone have the 100% save file (.srm) for this hack ?