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Your first game console
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The first console I ever owned was the SNES because my old man got it for his birthday from my mom back '94 and it still worked great by the time I reached game playing age (about 7). The first game I played on it was Donkey Kong Country 2! The next was Mario World. ^.^ Those games gave me my lifelong love for platformers.

What was your first game console? And what game did you first play on it?

Edit: This now includes any handheld game systems. Whatever you got first!
It was an NES for me. My father used to work for a moving truck company and people gave him cool stuff just to get rid of it, because they were moving. I was about 4 or 5 at the time. The year was 2000-2001 and my next system after was a SNES. My first "modern" system was the Gamecube, around 2003.

My brother got the Super Nintendo and we had SMAS, SMW, SMAS+SMW for some reason, I rented YI from our grocery store when they actually did that sort of thing, and I borrowed SMRPG from my cousin when he had no clue what to do in the first 10 minutes. (talk to toad)

Later on, my brother traded the super nintendo at a swap meet to get an N64 to start with SM64 and Mario Kart 64

When I was born, my parents already used to have an SNES, an N64 and a Gameboy Color that I played on when I got old enough. I can't remember when we got the Gamecube, but I do remember getting a Playstation 2 for christmas in 2005, I think. Around the same time my paremts bought me a Gameboy Micro because it was reduced to 20€. The Wii was the first console I bought with my own money in 2007.
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The original GBA. Got it second hand in 2006 with Namco Museum and man! Those times were good. I got SMA2 a year later and that's how history was made.

If we are talking home consoles only it's the Wii in 2009. It's now proudly sitting in my display cabinet since it was rendered useless by my Gamecube and Wii U. I loved it a lot, sad to see it go unused.
It was SNES. My brother got it for his birthday along with the Home Alone game for the console. Once we got Super Mario World, I quickly seized the console from him.
The DS. I never had a home console until a few years ago, when my older brother got a PS3.
The first family console I had was the SNES, still got it. That's how I've been playing PAL SMW since before I could walk.

My dad had sold his NES prior to my birth, but I since was gifted one while still in school.

Then he and my mother were given about £250 from her parents each, for spending on the house and family... so my mum spent it on some things to decorate the house with, my dad bought us an N64; I love that N64, still got it.

The first console I bought for myself might be the PS4 Pro, since the PS4 I bought before was a gift to my dad.

I love consoles, but ever since getting a DS3 on the PC, it's hard to go back to consoles. I get the console experience through PC hardware, hacks, enhancements, emulation, screen spanning, 60fps, VR soon enough as well.

But I'll see what's so special about the Microsoft Scarlett, PlatStation 5 and Mad Box this year. Sounds like these three competitors are gearing up to start 2020 strong.

My first console was the SNES. The first game I had for it was Toy Story, and I believe SMW was the second.
I think it was a NES with Sega controllers. I know it's weird, but it worked for its time. I remember I also went to a local store and got cartridges with multiple games on them (we all know those cartridges with "thousands" of games in one, right?). Sadly, it no longer works, and my dad doesn't remember how to fix it (it's been years). That local store also no longer has cartridges on display...

Other than that, I've never had any other console... not counting the tetris/blocks one that I still have somewhere.
C'mon, man, I try my best.
According to my father it was an NES, but I don't actually remember it that well.

The only one I do remember as clear as day was the Nintendo 64, those were good times man, a lot of people in the family got together to play its multiplayer games. I wish I still had it. #tb{:(}

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First console I remember my family owning and playing was the PS1, which was my brother's, but the first console I remember being "my own" and truly getting into was the Game Boy Advance SP.
My first was the NES, and I remember Tetris and KLAX being two of my most played games on the system, along with a pinball game that I can't quite remember as well. Pretty good times.
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My first console was a SNES that I still have to this very day. It came with none other than the game this website is so well-known for having lots of hacking information and resources for, aka...Super Mario World.
I used to have a Nintendo DS where I played a lot of games.
Unfortunately it got broken years ago and I losted interest.
My first console was a handheld Gameboy Advance. I played Sonic Advance and SMA2 on it. I don't have it anymore, however I still have a Gameboy Advance SP.

Also, where the heck is my SMA2 cartage? I think I lost it! AAAAHH!
the first console i really spent extended amounts of time with was the wii, and mostly just screwing around in brawl. hundreds of hours of entertainment came from the vanilla game, and hundreds more from screwing around with gecko codes - stuff like the wavedash code, being able to play as giga bowser and the fighting alloys, playing on weird stages like the online practice stage and the results screen, moveset swapping, using victory poses instead of taunts...just thinking about it almost makes me want to break out my usb gecko and go to town.

i think smg1 was the first game i tried to beat all the way through, though i played it off a usb drive and apparently the rip we made was bad so i couldn't get to the final level, it'd always freeze during the pre-level cutscene. so smg2 was the first game i 100%ed start to finish lol
My first console that I own myself is 3DS (it's new 2DS XL, but it doesn't matter). I bought it on Summer of previous year. With it I bought Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which is good.

First console that we owned was some famiclone with some games build in, like Doctor Mario, Adventure Island, Excitebike and more. Now it's somewhere else.


I cant't remember if it was the Game Boy Color or a NES clone which included lots of games and possibility to have infinity lives for each one. The thing I remember clearly was my first game (excluding the ones from that nes clone), which was Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3. I remember writting all the passwords (the game didn't have a save feature) from that game in a notebook...
My first (official) console is a Nintendo Switch. I've played some fantastic games like Mario Kart 8, Kirby Star Allies, TETRIS 99, etc. I am really happy with it.

The first console I've ever played is a knockoff NES console bought by my mom. I've played games like Super Mario Bros, Jewelry, Circus Charlie, Kung Fu, etc. bundled on several pirate multi-in-1 cartridges. I actually knew Super Mario series since then.
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