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the worst game
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what is the worst game you ever played?


Super Mario World.

In all seriousness, the worst game I've actually played was probably the Gameboy version of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. It had only one good part, trying to drive the Mystery Machine down town while avoiding the zombie in the 16 wheeler. And the whole game was short. Like, I beat it within 3 hours of getting it.
I was going to say Mario Teaches Typing, but it really wasn't that bad, for what it was, anyway- a teaching software for typing. Plus "Welcome to Mario Teaches-a Typing!" and other deep voiced quotes is really amusing.
Crash boom bang.
My nephew thought it was a good Idea to buy himself a new Crash game because he hasn't realized yet that the newer, not-created-by-naughty-dog ones Suck.
Now on to the game.It was a really bad rip off of Mario Party. The story was: Some rich guy with a monocle needs crash or whoever you chose to collect all the crystals for him.

The boards were weird, It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to roll the dice. The minigames were AWFUL, If two computers had to do one, you would have to wait for them to finish...And you couldn't even see what was happening! The computers could also send you giant pop-ups with their face on them, and it could cover your screen!
I hated that game with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.
I ended up giving it away to my friend.

Quest 64. To sum it all up, a stupid battle system involving running around in an octagon using four spells or a pathetically weak melee attack, coupled with a game world with pathetically low-poly, cliche'd characters and enviroments, and all the characters were just fillers, since there were no side quests to speak of. Everything was easy until the first boss, who was so insanely hard, you'd have to overlevel by about 20 to put a scratch on him. To top it all off, there was no equipment of any kind. No armor, no weapons, not even new spells. Crap. Crap. Crap.

This game's only feature is the cartridge itself: it makes a nice coaster for my coffee table.

I'm part of the Testers for Hire thread, so if you'd like something play tested, no matter what it is, PM me, and I'll give you honest feedback. Anything else is in my profile.

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Aqua man for GCN.

I remember the X button having no function what so ever. I did not buy it some random dude came to my friends house and gave it to him. :P
Originally posted by Farm Fresh
Quest 64.

Dude the battle system was awesome. That hexagon thing was really innovative. Granted, the rest of the game was pretty poor, I agree, but battles were fun. :/

Anyway, Breath of Fire 2's translation pisses me off, and it really sucks the fun out of the whole thing. I never made it past Windia.

Sue me, I just though it was terrible, played it a bit but ITS SO BORING!!!

Either that or Far Cry Vengence for the Wii, and don't tell me I'm wrong unless you've played it, it looks good on screen shots but when you play on it the conrtols, the graphics (the draw distance [I think thats what you call it] is about 2 feet so everytime you move theres freaking grass sprouiting around you) and DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE A.I!! You feel like you're fighting statues!!

Also, I haven't actually played this game but I think the worst game ever (this gen, at least) is Ninjabread Man/Rock'nRoll Adventures (I think it wass called)/Anubis II, which are all, acording to the magazine I read THE SAME GAME BUT WITH DIFFERENT TEXTURES!! they have the same level design the same music and the same gameplay! Also, 'Rock'n'Roll is spelt wrong on the side of the box.


Please support my hack. :D

5 tracks, one of which crashes the game.
Horrible controls.
Awful graphics.
NO CLIPPING WHATSOEVER! You can go straight through buildings, fall under bridges, and climb up mountains into a gray void.
It isn't even a race. The other truck doesn't move at all. You just go through the checkpoints, and when you do, you get this!
Oh yeah Big Rigs! If you enjoyed that you're brain-dead and need to be shot! It's so awful that one day i decided to download it and try its awesomeness... It was then uninstalled 2 minutes later!


God damn it to hell.


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It makes you wonder how Big Rigs got into the market.

The worst game I've played was Pac-man 2: The New Adventures. My brother thought since the first one was good (Pac-man In Time, I think), might as well buy the sequel. Definitely made a mistake, it was rubbish.

Shaq Fu must also be destroyed. (Warning, takes very long to load) A site dedicated to destroying every copy of this game.
(There is also a Digg article)

super mario world
Action 52 is the lamest game I ever played.

While I just played it on the emulator, it was once a very expensive game when it was new- like 200 dollars.

It' one of those games where there a bunch of arcade type games on it and you can play anyone you like.

Everytime I played one of the 'games' it was like an animal of some sort taking a shit on my carpet (starting the game) and me cleaning it up (playing it)

You can;t even get past the first level for about ten of the games, another ten games are the exact same as eachother but with a different name and graphics, about 3 of them were gay, and none of them were fun.

Though if you like arcade games that are imposible, ugly, gay, broken, borring, clones of other games or working games that are just plain retarded, then you should definitely play action 52.

Second least favorite game= Barbie's vacation.

Even for being a Barbie video game, it was still pretty bad.


Nerdy Trans Girl.
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This game needs to go into the toilet, seriously, everything is just soo terrible in this game

I'm back from the dead, and now I am more spergy than ever sadly.
Sims 2: Castaway.
Originally posted by SnakeEater
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This game needs to go into the toilet, seriously, everything is just soo terrible in this game

Who cares about that game anyways?
The Sims 2:Bustin Out

^Link to my forums. :D
Originally posted by smfan73
The Sims 2:Bustin Out

ehh wasnt that bad


ICO. 'nuff said

>Sure Dan, you can moderate ONE hack
>.ips file

Paul '96
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