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Make up a theory for the origins of the universe/reality/existence
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I have a new theory for the genesis of everything.

Time has no beginning or end, it's an infinite sphere, not a finite end to end entity. Before everything, there was nothing. There was nothing for eternity. Although we may think that something can't come out of nothing, forever is long enough for anything to happen.

So when you think about it that way, our existence and Lunar Magic 3.01 was inevitable.

What's your philosophy?

If there's something, there's can't be nothing - and once there is something, existence spreading out is inevitable.
All these questions are impossible to answer and I don't care much to think too hard about them.
The birth & death, light & dark, good & bad, etc. dichotomy exists. But existence & nonexistence is not a dichotomy in my opinion, instead a fabrication of the ego. Separation is an illusion, and infinity is not a graspable concept, just mathematically defined. Basically philosophers just figured out you could count forever.

The dichotomies I listed above would be just like the yin and yang, but the inner circle would be existence and nonexistence would be outside the circle (think infinite whitespace). I subscribe to the "the soul is not the mind" idea, and I consider the ego, our everyday personality, a part of biology that will die and never exist again.

Existence itself is sort of baffling the farther you dive down the rabbit hole, at the end of it you just end up laughing because you realize you're consciousness questioning consciousness – the "cosmic joke". The idea is that it's so hard to grasp the impossibility of existence that we have to just accept its reality. Something came from nothing, it happened. Scientific evidence on the big bang is undeniable. But what the whole 'meaning' is; it's impossible to know.

Originally posted by Rush - Roll the Bones
Why are we here?
Because we're here
Roll the bones
Why does it happen?
Because it happens
Roll the bones
Why do we exist at all? Where are we from and what goals we plan to fulfill?

I'm sure there isn't a definite answer to the existence of humans and inanimate objects, but just thinking about it, they were inevitable. Nothing is by chance.
Made-up theory: Years from now we'll be in such a bad future (and backwards time travel will have been invented) that human time travelers will go back and seed the young planet Earth with life, and the life that is on planet Earth now is descended from when those human time travelers from said bad future went back and seeded Earth with life.
Actual theory: Some sort of Programmer, Artist, or Level Designer
(you could call it God if you want)

Legacy custom music

SMM2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SMW hacking
I am the only real person; the rest of you are weird figment of my imagination. Also the universe has only existed since last Thursday.
Our universe was created from a high energy collision in another universe as part of the cyclic nature of the multiverse (i.e. the universe that created our universe was created by another collision in another universe. Repeat ad infinitum). But you may ask, "But where did the first one come from?". Well... astrophysicists get to cop out on a technicality, since the process of universal birth goes on for infinity, technically there was never a first one. Sort of. Since technically "time" does not exist, and is simply a fictitious measuring tool created out of necessity by human logicism to discern event vs. rate, there was never really a "beginning of time", so at no point was there a "first universe". Confused yet?
If you wanted to go another route and ask where the energy in universe 0 came from to start the chain reaction (you don't need to ask "Where did the universe come from?" because we are now speaking of completely empty space), the vacuum created by the emptiness expanding would have created energy in the form of... well they haven't gotten that far yet in QM, but you can check out string theory and get an answer for that.
I think atoms evolved in time into what we currently have today. They might have evolved from nothingness or the unknown.
C'mon, man, I try my best.
Our lord and savior Haruhi Suzumiya was bored being alone in the universe and wanted to do something for once so she invented space in time without even realizing it.
It all started with the Big Bang. It was a Saturday night, and God and his room mate Chuggs were arm wrestling. Chuggs, cocky as always, is taunting God the whole way, but God has a plan. A big, wet, smelly fart is welling up. HE LETS LOOSE and blows it towards Chuggs who recoils in disgust. God is declared victor once again, but he feels another one coming. He asks Chuggs to give him his lighter and sets it up to his rear... 3...2...1... BANG! The universe swirls into ever expanding form and beauty.

And it was good.
Maybe the Big Bang is actually wrong and something else that hasn't been considered is actually true. Maybe we'll break the laws of physics and/or thermodynamics somehow. Maybe everything was pre-determined and we just believe that we have free will. Maybe we're all living inside a simulation and the people overlooking it are curious about our behaviour, just like we are curious about the possible behaviours of our AIs if they were to reach sentience levels. There's no way to know for sure.

But if I were to make up a theory on-the-fly, maybe we're just a simulation being used for the entertainment of others. We seem to be really interested in fictional worlds, but who's to say we aren't in one ourselves? I don't actually believe that, but you did say to make a theory on it so I did.

SnesLab / The Cutting Room Floor
not my theory but i think its the flying spaghetti monster

random avatar everyime you reload wheeee
the universe is like the freckle on my asshole. kinda suspicious that it came out of nowhere, but my asshole is so large that nobody notices the tiny freckle.
this is a metaphor for life

God forgot to turn off his SIMs game

your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
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