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If you had a Wario-style opposite, what would they be like?
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They'd look like me, but taller and much heavier. They'd have green eyes and would be seen wearing Call of Duty and Overwatch T-shirts often. They'd be a total ladies' man, and they'd be firmly male, with no dysphoria whatsoever. They'd often be homophobic, and they'd be a hardcore Christian. They'd play more on their XBOX One than any other console, and they'd bully their sister for playing ''dumb PC games'.
If you're questioning your gender or sexuality, if you need a place to vent, or if you simply need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me.

Imagine a blonde, blue-eyed fella with a ladies' man attitude, in a very bad side I might add. He'd be an outstanding musician and artist , with high motivation levels... but he'd be a Neanderthal with math, engineering aspects or even with a simple computer. His sister would actually not pick on him as much, tho'.


Dream team (feed them, please):

My opposite would most likely call himself "W-man" (Ha, get it?) on SMW Central. He'd be loud-mouthed, greedy, and a very picky eater. He'd also refuse to brush his teeth. W-man's favorite number would be 76, and his favorite color would be yellow. He'd prefer to draw realistic art, nothing cartoony. He'd also have numerous tattoos, probably on his drawing arm.

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My opposite would have fair hair and dark eyes. He would be a little shorter than me and slightly fat. He'd have talent for music and prefer drawing more realistic art to cartoony drawings. He would wear Mario and Mega Man T-shirts often, however he'd like streetwear the most. He'd be fluent in several languages, but not as good with Math and computers, therefore he would prefer playing on a console. He'd be keen on reading Playboy and watching porn. He'd be open-minded, real fun-to-talk-to, and a ladies' man. He'd smoke cigarettes and liquids and drink alcohol occasionally with his friends. He'd want to become a kick-boxer in future. He'd be totally atheistic and kinda racist. He'd also be a hardcore arachnophile and a slight photophobiac. His favorite color would be gray and his favorite number 69. He'd be also gluttonous and ablutophobic.
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If I had an opposite, instead of Scrydan Biringer, he would be nick named "Death Biringer", and use the same ability I have for various nefarious deeds. The colors inverted from Scrydan's. Now there's some tweaks if he was Wario styled.

He would insist on helping people, but always be out to take their money somehow. He'd make sites dedicated to get rich schemes and trick a good many people out of their hard earned cash. He'd be extremely charismatic but hate people terribly in reality and wish to just put them into money making factories. He'd also make plenty of cheap games and wouldn't even need to pay people because he's that good and more money for him.

After getting bored with that, he'd be like the stereotypical dragon and decide to bring out the "Death" in his name and begin to start wars. His hope of making even more money and to hoard it all. To be honest, a Wario style dragon isn't far fetched at all. But to think all dragons hoard things is just wrong. : P

(Doesn't hoard games or items in games, nope!)

Oh and he would also eat chips really really loudly just to be that guy. And he would always make jokes at everyone's expense but his own. Quite the opposite of me really (I joke about myself).

He'd also purposefully come over to random people's houses to randomly put his hands on things, and essentially start looting it like a typical RPG hero kind of thing, jokingly mocking that life is just a game. He might also decide to sort of take over the place and deem it his new lair.

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
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Let's see... For one, he'd really like the color blue. He'd want everything to be blue, actually. Would give zero shits about his reputation wherever he goes - treating servers at restaurants like garbage, leaving shopping carts wherever he wants in parking lots, the kind of stuff that would piss off the person who works that particular job, but not necessarily anyone else. The only time he'd be explicitly nice is when it's unintentional, or it's to a dog.

In terms of looks, think severely underweight. You can make his bones out even with clothes on. Despite that, he'd be a damn good fistfighter and athlete, but not able to argue very well. He'd hate video games, and anything related to them, but be in love with fantasy football. Nobody would be able to tell where he gets all his strength from, considering his build. He'd probably have two or three arrests under his belt, all things considered. It's entirely likely he'd be controlled by the media pretty easily as well, and end up being someone's useful idiot. The type to say "I educate myself with things I already know!" honestly.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
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Wamma V would be a tall, slim, tan blonde with blue eyes. She'd be an ace coder but couldn't draw GFX to save her life, that is, if he were even ON SMWCentral. She wouldn't like retro games or Mario, finding them to be kiddie games. Instead, she'd always be after the latest FPS, Grand Theft Auto installment, or horror game. She'd smoke at least a pack a day and be an alcoholic, but she'd hate soda. She'd also absolutely DESPISE Transformers.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
I'd hate to have one, lmao, but I'll try anyways...

TheAffinity72 (dog food btw) would be a short, slim blonde guy that'd hate videogames and related stuff
He'd also be pretty awful in everything study related (mostly on math), but insanely good in Sports (F for the real thewhiskas27 xd)...
He'd also be pretty quiet, patient (he could wait for years, whereas I can't even wait 15 mins) tidy, hard working, being srs on what he does (I literally wrote "gay" on an english test answer lol), but also pretty weak, coward and doesn't do jokes/puns... On top of that, he loves working with other people and doesn't care if the result is good or not (I prefer working alone, since if my teammates are bad, I'd straight out call them "useless" and work for my own)
Lastly, he'd hate electro music or rap and would prefer reggaeton (yeah, that kind of sh*tty music), allergic to memes and also wouldn't even try to help ppl when they need it
Also, YeAh, hE'S iN lUv WiTh TeH cOnCePt
(Eden - XO reference, A.K.A. a Geometry Dash meme... Actually don't mind that)
P.S.: Thanks to FPZero for putting my new nick, finding an opposite for my old nick "Dorito Guy" would be hard
EDIT : I'm a Big boi(trademark)

RIP my friend's Ridley, he dropped it cuz I combo'd him a bit tol much as Mario.
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