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***CLOSED*** VLDC11 - Rules and Submissions

Link Thread Closed
Frozen Grassland complete.

Last Updated : 2019/03/10
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
Muncher Mountain V5

Last updated: 09.03.2019.
My entry. There's a zip with a readme containing level info and special thanks.

Deep Deluge
Here's my entry: Silver Sky (updated)

Hope you enjoy!
Here it be: Phantasmagoria 1.0.1


Edit: oops I didn't use the BaseROM but that was relatively easy to fix
Finally done!

UPDATE V1.1 - Fixed vine cutoff.
UPDATE V1.2 - Bramble edges revamped, gaps between bramble edges at beginning made bigger, platform below vine block widened to avoid unfair damage, decoration added to second bonus room, number indications added to 3 vine blocks section to indicate which way to go first to save wasting too much time.

MAJOR UPDATE V2.0 - Replaced the 3 vines part with a simpler conveyor belt section to save significant time, brambles no longer look like they are floating in mid-air, simplified section with 2 grey platforms, coins added to 2nd bonus room.

This is my first time entering a VLDC.

Here is my level: Vanish Castle 1.25
My Youtube Channel
My first time creating something for VLDC.
The level is called Cloudy Lake.
This taught me how much you could do with the cloud tiles in Super Mario World. And to think they barley used this tile!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy.
Here is my submission for my first VLDC Altair
I hope everything works fine and that i didn't hurt any rules >.<
Tangerine Wetlands

My entry for VLDC 11, I hope it's fun for others to play.
VLDC level.

I'm sad because there isn't a collab that my level can be in, but I'm happy with it anyway. (Also, my Sixth level for the vldc,
time flies away quick...)
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

Link Thread Closed