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VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest (Rules + Discussion) : SONGS NOW AVAILABLE FOR USE (see first post)


While we may not be setting our sights on a collab this year, we'd like to continue the tradition of making new SMW remixes for people to use. And, what better incentive for that than a contest?

How this is gonna work:
  1. The contest runs for a two week period during the start of VLDC.
  2. After the entry period, all submissions are made public (but anonymous) and free for anyone to use.
  3. A set of judges will score each song--no public voting. Gotta keep it suspenseful!
  4. The contest results will be released alongside the VLDC results! This way there won't necessarily be bias toward certain songs being used because of being the winner, as 50 people using the winning song and none of the rest would kind of defeat the point.

Rules for submission:
  1. Your song must be a remix of a vanilla SMW song, obviously.
  2. Your song must work with the latest AddmusicK, beta not allowed.
  3. ***Your song must insert successfully into the VLDC base ROM.
  4. You may not use previously released or shown off material, including WIPs. All entries must be started within the contest period.
  5. ***Similarly, you are not allowed to share your entry publicly during the contest period (i.e. until results).
  6. Make sure to include all necessary files, that is to say an SPC, the MML source, and any samples used; if I can't insert it, I can't score it.

Judging criteria:

20pts - Composition - Is the remix well-composed? Do the chords, harmonies, etc make sense? Generally, does the song sound good?

20pts - Sound Design / Mixing - Is the mix well-balanced? Is the song crisp and clear, or is it flat and muddy? Are some elements too loud or too quiet?

15pts - Creativity - Did you do something cool and new and exciting with the source material, or is it a 1 to 1 remake? Is it visible how much effort went into the arrangement?

5pts - Evidence of source material - Is it still evident what the original song was, or have you taken it so far it no longer has any resemblance of the source? If you listened to it unknowingly, would you be able to tell which song it's a remix of?

Total 60pts possible.

Entries should all be sent to me via PM or Discord DM by Tuesday, February 12th at 21:00 ET.
Keep in mind that remixes can be made for any setting--so if you're looking for inspiration, maybe try mixing things up, and making the castle theme into a grassland song! Or settings that don't have songs normally, like desert, or abstract! If you need ideas the music tag list is a good place to start!
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Also!!! I'd really appreciate if when you submit your song you also tell me what it's a remix of just in case its not obvious! thanks!
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just over two days left! get your entries in!!
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album
I am extending the deadline by 3 days in the hopes of maybe getting a couple more entries. Feel free to update anything you've already sent in. Now due Friday the 15th, midnight ET.
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gosh no one isn't here to post

Hey guys! If you're looking for inspiration for remixing SMW music, try looking for some custom-made remixes by people like you! The SNES versions of Mario is Missing! and Mario's Time Machine have some songs that are remixes from the original SMW! Heck, you can also find some way cool remixes from VGMusic, too! Just hit Ctrl+F and type "Super Mario World" (without the quotes!) on the text box and you will find some remixes of the SMW songs (The Ragtime remix is deffo a must try!).

Hope that'll works, fellow musicians!
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to clarify : the deadline is 23:59 on the 15th, not the moment it turns the 15th, apologies for any confusion
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The songs are now available for you to use in your level, and judging will begin shortly! You can get them at the link in the first post, or right here!

For those who missed out on the contest deadline, I've come to the decision that I will allow submissions until the end of the month, at the cost of a 4pt + (1pt * days late) penalty, starting from the time of this post. (so if you give me a late entry 50 hours from now that would have scored 60/60, you will score 60 - 4 - 1 * 50 / 24 = 54/60.) I'll add the song to the pool as soon as it is submitted, which also means any further submissions are FINAL (i.e., no updates will be accepted).
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Just a small question about the songs. For the finished submission songs, could there be SPCs available for each of them to preview how they would hear in-game? I ask since when it comes to ports and customs- especially customs- it would be good to know how it sounds before deciding if you should insert it into a submission level.
The SPC's are already included in the zip file linked by Sinc-X.