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don't climb mountains, especially if they're plant-infested (1.2)

Or just dont climb mountains (or DCMEITPI if you're an idiot)

Got bored enough to rejoin SMWC after like 3 years, download lunar magic, relearn everything, and pump out 04 screens of a level for a contest I didn't know existed until like 10 hours ago.

This can only end well.

Already basically know where I'm going with this level, I just suck at designing, having motivation, keeping a decent timeframe, and giving up bad ideas, so I'll probably end up slacking off until the last second and pump out a not-at-all decent level and still get 33rd/82 like the 7th vldc

see y'all in a month if that's the case

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
The shadow behind the grass inside the ground is really dark and that makes is quite ugly. The colors are fine otherwise. Be careful not to overwhelm your stage with decoration and make sure to make lots of cool setups and stuff.
Good luck, person who was born exactly one year before me!

slope sliding spin jump momentum is some shit

speaking of sliding, you can totally slide uphill and kill this plant if you want.

hope yall ready for more shitty gimmicks after this midpoint
potentially defintely a vertical level

idc if I'm not innovatively impressive I'm just trying to make a level that's fun to play ok. thanks for your click

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. What you have looks pretty good.
My one point of advice would be to make things slightly less cramped in some areas, judging by the screenshots.
Eh, gimmicks are certainly interesting and all, but I wouldn't feel bad if you didn't have something "innovative" or whatever. What really matters is weather or not the level is actually fun to explore.

Just from your screens alone I can say that your level certainly looks like it'll be fun to play. In fact, it actually looks pretty darn good for someone who says they haven't done hacking in three years.
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(e: smaller)

edit but the same edit: fact that no one noticed this so far means that it's probably a pointless reference that judges won't notice either

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
Originally posted by BlueZy

Celeste in VLDC?! OH MY!!!

(Real fact: I actually made a level called Dragon Valley based on the one from Freedom Planet but I got blown away from the competition because the level is way too long, sadly. D: Also, Stink Terios made a Brazilian LP, too!)

On the topic: Nice Vanilla level so far! Kinda reminds me of Celeste, but this is a great interpretation!

also holy shit superdragonyoshi you're back from the dead :o
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first half of the level is up, I guess

looking for opinions/timings since I think it might be a bit long

click right here, or here too

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
heard y'all wanted that sweet 1.0 action

rip this link

ending was rushed, but hey, at least I rushed the ending a week before the contest ended and not an hour before

e: just so you know if you think you can doubt my level design I placed 3rd in the 2016 SMWC super mario maker contest so I'm no slouch

e2: since no one seems to care here's 1.1.1 instead
whoops updated again

e3: no

e4: i'm done tweaking things this time, don't worry
also I didn't forget the music this time

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
damn I'm actually really happy with my level, woo

When I finished my level I realized that it was possible to make it through the second vertical section with specifically a blue yoshi due to the shells, so for fun I put a secret in the level only accessible with blue yoshi. Not until now did I actually try to play through my level with yoshi, and I realized that, while the entire first section up to the midpoint is also technically possible thanks to an already existing secret, actually getting up to the second section isn't, because, well...

so if this does get turned into a collab I'll see if I can ask permission to make this one little section Yoshi-OK.


(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)