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Crystarp Hollow (videos + BPS version 2 enclosed)

Gameplay wise, that is frickin amazing. The use of baby yoshi is clearly well though. Graphically its cool as well!
c r y s t a l s

This is the kind of cool shit I don't think I could ever come up with lol. You do such neat things with yoshi.
This video fell into my sub box on youtube and I about fell out of my chair before I even watched it.

Seriously cool stuff, the way you set the gimmick of the level at the beginning in a (relatively) safe way before making it more obvious that you need to get all the edibles is the kind of stuff you need in a level that uses things in unusual ways.

Interesting you (seem to) have a reset door for the third Yoshi but not the second, though since the difference is that the third Yoshi is more skill based whereas the second just requires thoroughness and it's sorta understandable if it doesn't need a change. Up to you whether or not you want to "idiot-proof" that section, since I don't know how possible it is to not see the first goomba when going up into the section.

Stellar design though, things look really polished and the overall feel of the level is really calming and interesting. Can't wait to see what sorta shenanigans you pull next.

e: Also very nice touch including the rock in the middle of the goombas for the first Yoshi; not always obvious that Yoshi can eat one of those so throwing him into the fray and observing that he can is good to teach to the player.

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
Nice use of the 1F0 tiles, I don't see it being used with Yoshi very often. The visuals are also pretty nice.
Back at it again with that whole existing thing, huh

The first half or so of this feels to me a bit too proof-of-concept-y, but it seems like it gets fun and quite creative as it goes on. I have to say you put the square levels to really good use - the stage feels very broad in a really nice way.
You never cease to amaze me, good sir. You're use of 1F0 is astounding and I would have never thought to use it in this fashion... or probably at all really because I don't even think I'm clever enough.
holy freaking shit. you don't seem to give up on this place, do you

It was definitely a surprise to see you give it a shot. I'm especially digging the use of 1F0 for something as mundane as feeding, as well as how you teach the player so they make good use of the gimmick without screwing up.
woah snn-sama you're back from the dead #wario{O_o}

Great job on using tile 1F0...and Yoshi! Looks like you're getting a 120% chance of getting to the first place.
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Damn, didn't expect to see you again!

The level itself looks great! Like many people have said, you really made good use of the 1F0 tile.

Thanks everyone - really appreciate the positive comments. 1F0 is something I vowed to never use in a contest, but I couldn't pass it up this time.

Video of the second half of the level

edit: see the first post for the newest version.

I'm open to feedback on this. I doubt I'll change anything overly fundamental, mostly because I've already spent close to 60 hours on designing + composing/porting the track, but I still welcome any positive or negative thoughts you may have before I submit it.
-구글 번역을 사용했다.-
-I used Google Translate.-

난 이 레벨을 하면서 놀라웠다.
I was awesome at this level.

하지만 레벨을 하면서 문제점이 있다.
But there is a problem with the level.


*이건 배려해서 난이도를 하향 한 거라 생각한다
*I think this is a consideration that I have downgraded difficulty.
Originally posted by Sixcorby
in the second puzzle of the first half you can ignore everything and only feed yoshi the goomba and the four rocks up top

This is just me being an idiot. I had Thwomps here but changed them to rocks due to tileset limitations. I'll correct that.

Originally posted by Sixcorby
you can just damage boost through the first three puzzles in the second half and use the resets to get more flowers. should think of ways to require a flower in order to access each area

Yeah, I was afraid someone would catch this. I realized you can pretty easily tank through them. I'm thinking that a) only allowing you to enter the reset doors small, and b) adding an additional "check" for each puzzle should be more than enough to alleviate the issue.

Originally posted by Sixcorby
you can spin jump on the sparkies to shoot fireballs and the area to the right is basically irrelevant

Great catch, thanks. I'll extend the platform along the top that way you can't jump back down (there's a reset door there anyway).

Originally posted by Sixcorby


Originally posted by PokerFace

Thanks for catching these! Should be easy enough to fix up.

EDIT: Updated version of the level, which corrects everything above. I basically incorporated a "mini-puzzle"/check after each major puzzle. I guess in theory you could still tank those, but there are some obstacles after each that would make it harder when you're small.
I played this level and I had a ton of problems with it. First of all I think this level is simply too long. It's true after 5 playthroughs I managed to beat the level with lots of savestates and slowdown (in one part) with just 27 seconds left. But before that I saw few time outs in the first half. The second half is also long, but there is one very deadly part witch prevented me from seeing time out message.

1. My first problem is palette of bony beetles. The problem is I don't notice them. It doesn't help that they start at their standing spiky form. I just mistake them for part of background and I got hit by them so many times, that I really hate them from the bottom of my heart.

2. Time - I mentioned that before. You use max time, puzzles are long and require lots of precision. Which means many times of using reset doors. But because of time rules which prevents 0 time or resetting time, this level was a trainwreak for me. Add to this - in the second half you can't even got hit or lose Yoshi. Otherwise you are forced to use reset doors. I liked the most of the puzzles, but still it doesn't work well with current VLDC time rule.

3. Some questionable level designs. There are 2 categories:

a) sudden ambushes:

- in the section of climbing with baby Yoshi - if you don't know there is a thwimp, you will probably get hit by it.

- in the drop section with baby Yoshi at the bottom, there is koopa throwing a shell. I ran left with baby Yoshi, saw koopa and shell. My first instinct was to jump to the right. I wasn't fast enough and I died. I know that this level is for more advanced players, but give some leeway for average players like me.

- bony beetles (look point 1.).

b) some questionable level designs (or should I say yours measures against breaking the level):

- climbing with baby Yoshi - let's imagine that I forgot to eat 1 enemy and I got to top of the section. I want to go back, but there is a bridge on my way. So I am forced to reset the whole puzzle. Why are you so cruel? What's the point of this bridge. It's not like getting to the top earlier will help me to break this puzzle. I need adult Yoshi to beat it. So again what's the point of blocking the top from the rest of the puzzle and forcing the player to reset the whole puzzle?

- second half - Yoshi. sparkies and spiny puzzle. Boy, how many time I died here. The first problem with this section is how low the bridge is. If you do full spin jumps on sparkies, then you get on bridge and you are forced to reset. The same goes with jumping out of Yoshi or bouncing on sparkies while riding him. That's a huge problem. My solution was to do low spin jumps on sparkies in order to kill spiny. But it ended with lots of death. Even savestates weren't enough, I slowdown the game to beat this part. Then awkward jump back to the platform with Yoshi, which is actually very hard to do. And then difficulty drops to something I can beat.

The second problem in this section is that, I believe, there is no way to get a coin from spiny. So if you move your screen too much when trying to get back Yoshi, spiny can respawn. And you are forced to do the whole puzzle from the very beginning.

The third problem is if you decide to tank the spiny. There are only spikes down there. I expected some reset doors, but no, YOU MUST DIE! Seriously, you spam reset doors all around the level, so it's very weird they aren't here.

By the way, I played previous versions of this level and I managed to beat this puzzle without tools, but right now that's impossible for me.
Oh my! This nice and sparkly looking level looks very fun to play! There's little challenges that you need to figure out to keep progressing though the level, which I find to be really neat. You even got some very clever 1F0 tile setups. Makes me wanna try using that tile for once.
All these setups work incredibly well, and the level flows comfortably! Impressive work #tb{:DD}