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Super Mario Maker 2: Surprasing Fusoya's Lunar Magic expectations since 1889

I can't wait to play it. I had to stifle a scream watching the trailer because I was on break in an office environment.

I also don't think the romhacking community has anything to worry about. Super Mario Maker made it grow (I'm here for that reason), and I think #2 will do the same.
Originally posted by ThePat545
...mario maker 2 is totally going to have glitches lol

unintended things aren't always a bad thing either, like 1F0 for example

By 1F0 do you mean the Map16 tile? That was likely intentional, just overwritten and dummied out.
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Yeah 1F0 the map16 tile

I vaguely remember 1F0 being used for slopes (may or may not be correct) so it's definitely intentional, but the other ways people have used it - like midair grinders - definitely aren't
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This honestly excited me quite a lot. I originally got a Wii U just for this game, which then justified Smash 4 (I was so out of it, even a good title didn't appeal to me for a console).

But we have a great console and a great title like this. Let me tell you, I noticed a lot of very interesting aspects of this trailer.

For some analysis, here's some videos discussing what they see in the trailer:


Super Mario Maker 2 - Trailer Analysis and Speculation!

P.S. We really need youtube BB code. *makes thread*

To be honest there, do you think that anyone would make level remakes from old games? (SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, NSMB)

With the slopes, i doubt that would implement new blocks.
If the original Super Mario Maker didn't kill romhacking, then Super Mario Maker 2 likely won't, either. SMWCentral will still live. Don't worry about it.

That being said, SMM2 is a hype af game and if they don't pull a SMM 3DS, you know they're getting my money.


Today, it'll be the Direct about the Super Mario Maker 2.
Are you ready for this?
I watched the short Presentation and the game looks really nice.
I really, really want to remake Ice Cutting Site, Swiss Hotel and other VLDC levels in Mario Maker 2 for some reason lol
Unfortunately, I don't have Online rn and I won't be able to share courses (unless i get it while the game is out) #smrpg{sad}
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I just watched the Nintendo Direct. It's pretty cool.

But during the "3D World" segment, below the original 4 game styles is text saying "Extra Game Styles" with Super Mario 3D world on the left below that and a blank space on the right below that text. This seems to suggest that Nintendo might add more DLC game styles. What do you guys think? Do you think Nintendo might add more game styles?

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At least many of my predictions came true. But nonetheless, I still think we got some surprises ahead of ourselves.

Multiplayer hype for sure!

At current (and not within the foreseeable future) I have no way of playing this game.
Therefore I look forward to its release solely for GameGrumps rage.
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-Snow themes
-Desert themes
-Forest themes
-Sky themes
-Night themes
-Music for said themes in all game styles
-Actual Quality Control and filtering.
-Return of comments.
-Possibly more game styles on the way?

There's so many things that I'm hyped for. Yeah, I'll miss 100 man runs, but that's minor compared to everything else we get in return.

Man, June 28th can't come any sooner.


I'm not worried about the game threatening SMW hacking's popularity. We were worried about it with Mario Maker 1, but the result was that more people probably took an interest in SMW hacking after they got their fill of Mario Maker. The game was really fun and I can't wait to have a go at 2.
The game will be released at a time that might be slightly inconvenient for me (because I will be in the middle of moving around then), nevertheless I'm super hyped for it. Super Mario Maker has been a constant part of my life (in at least some capacity) for the past three years, thanks to YouTubers playing troll levels and similar. It was always impressive to see what people could pull off with the comparatively limited tool set of the first game. The levels in the second one will just have that much more potential.

It's kinda funny, because Nintendo seems to have completely turned around its paradigm for this game. In Super Mario Maker, they were like "okay, yeah, building levels can be fun, but people are idiots and they will feel overwhelmed, so we have to start them off with only a small selection of tools, and we also have to hide certain modifiers behind gimmicks like shaking an object or dragging a mushroom onto an enemy". In Super Mario Maker 2, however, their philosophy actually seems to be "okay, fine, you've proven that you are fully capable of handling level building, so here are all the tools we have, take them and have fun building". Super Mario Maker 2 is like Super Mario Maker uncuffed.
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I didn't know this community looks at SMM as a bit of an enemy lol. I mean, it goes without saying that SMM2 looks fucking amazing.
Since I own a Nintendo Switch recently, I'm so excited to play it myself.
If Super Mario Maker 2 is as good as seen on the trailer, there is no point to be here anymore since it's better to make levels instead of hacking them and superior.
How do you do, fellow kids?
Has anyone owned the game recently before the release? If yes, go for it! I know you can, pal!
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The game is a lot of fun, but right now, the online multiplayer is borderline unplayable. Just getting connected occasionally takes two or three tries, but even then if there's just a single player in your group with a bad internet connection, the game will run at like 15 FPS for all four of you. It's also rather annoying to start building a bit of a win streak, just to then get a really short and empty level (basically just consisting of flat ground and a goal) that didn't even give you the chance of defending your streak, because the first player to leave the starting area has basically already won. That being said, I expect at least this problem to get a lot better after release, once the pool of levels grows and thus there are more levels to potentially get selected in multiplayer. However, as far as the bad connection is concerned, I don't really if that can be improved without a patch.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
...How the fuck am I supposed to beat Yellow Toad's stone challenge? It's impossible to jump high enough to reach the goal without ditching Yoshi, meaning there's no way to get the stone up there...
Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel