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Super Duper Mario Bros.: An 8-Bit Adventure Through Time!
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Welcome, friends! It is I, FailSandwich, here to bestow upon you what is likely the first hack that I'll ever actually release!

In this hack, Mario flies to a remote island in his hot-air balloon after being told to check the place out by Yoshi, and to his surprise, he finds a land filled with memories straight from all his past adventures! Games like Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3, Super Mario Land 1 and 2, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, even Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine will get their own (much more fun than the original) levels!
The hack is comprised of one single level, with each section of the level being the length of a full SMW level, and with each section having a different theme. Each section is seperated by pipes. Each game has exactly four sections (more for games like SMB3 because they have so many level themes), with each being a different level theme from that game. The pipes that seperate the sections will act as checkpoints.

The title screen:

The overworld:

Yoshi's House:

The first section of the Super Mario Bros. portion:

The second section of the Super Mario Bros. portion (wip):

There's not quite enough for a demo yet, but once there is, I'll release one ASAP!
Looks pretty neat and I definitely think more could be done with it if you wished to pursue it. You could probably have each world be dedicated to specific Mario title, like how the NES rom hack Super Mario 3Mix does. I like the 8-bit theme and hope you get to completing this. I'd like to play the demo even if one gets posted. I'll be checking in on here for updates. Happy hacking.


Yeah, 3Mix was a pretty big inspiration for this.
I think the one-level sort of design might not really work that well. Each world being dedicated to a game (or a couple, like one world could be for SMB and TLL, and one could be for the Game Boy games) does sound like a nice idea.
Go with the idea of each world dedicated to one 8-bit Mario game. One level having multiple themes feels like you play a couple different levels.

As for level design, keep in mind not to make your level too flat and to avoid forced uneventful sections just like that one with clouds. That could work well as a bonus, but not the actual level.

Hope the finished project will come true!
KLDC 2020 progress: 50%
I think I saw some of your progress posted on the Discord.
I quite like retro inspired hacks as its cool to see what could of been done if the NES did not have its certain restrictions.

It'll be interesting to see how far you go with your retro designs and concepts but I'll be looking forward to seeing whatever you make.

Nice work! #smrpg{y}


I've decided to make the hack a little more like Super Mario Bros 3Mix. Each world is now dedicated to a specific game/games. For instance, World 1 is SMB1, World 2 is SMB2, World 3 is SMB3, World 4 is Super Mario Land 1 and 2, and so on. But... I've also got a few new features planned!
If you unlock the super secret level in World 1 (not sure what I'll call it), you unlock the World Select. It's a level that allows you to warp directly to the first level of each world!

Anyway, here's a screenshot of the new SMB1 world map:

And here's a screenshot of 1-2, completed:

Sorry I haven't been able to really give any updates, I've been very busy and unmotivated. Hopefully more will come soon!
Yo don't advertise your hack in your footer if you ain't gonna update it or have anything to show!
We want to see more!

...I somehow completely forgot about that. A couple of the patches I need don't work with the new version of LM. Like the SMB3 status bar, for example. I've also developed a sort of "writer's block" with level design. I have 1-1 and 1-2 and part of 1-3 finished, but there's only so much you can really do with the SMB1 tileset. I just can't come up with new level design ideas. The biggest hindrance for me is the lack of slopes, and while I could just make new slope graphics, I want to keep it as authentic as possible.
Originally posted by Plasmodium00
Yo don't advertise your hack in your footer if you ain't gonna update it or have anything to show!
We want to see more!

That makes literally no sense.

Advertising in one's footer, whether they've recently updated the hack thread or not, can still be an effective way to draw in an audience who has never seen the project to begin with. Those who have seen the thread already are not the only potential target demographic.

Also, maybe stop posting in people's hack threads just to tell them what to do?

@OP: I think you need to decide on a cohesive aesthetic for all of your levels/tilesets, so that your sprites can match the environment for the most part throughout the game. Your Mario looks okay in Yoshi's house, but doesn't really fit with the SMB1 tilesets imo.

My layout has removed you.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Super Duper Mario Bros.: An 8-Bit Adventure Through Time!

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