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just making a thread for submission, it's my first time
participating in a VLDC so I just build something for fun ;3
I guess my LvL is too full at some screens but that's the way i hack ^-^.

My Patch :
And thanks to Sariel for testing my Lvl >.<
I really like the color! And in my personal opinion it doesn't seem to be all too cramped judging from the screenshots. But...

Originally posted by Tweyxx
I guess my LvL is too full at some screens but that's the way i hack ^-^.

This isn't the best mindset to have when receiving feedback if you're entering a level into a contest, to be honest. Unless of course you have no intention of winning and are just entering for the fun of it, as you said.
Oww sorry, I didn't mean it like this. Gonna take every feedback i get really serious, since it helps me to get better at hacking and that's what I want. But I meant I won't change my general hacking style, since thats part of how I make LvLs (Hope you can understand it I'm not a native english speaker :c)
Thank you anyway for the reply >.<
I've already played the level. I like those decorations and aesthetics, as well as level design, maybe a bit hard, but a nice level.
I've fell in love with this level's music. What's the name of it?

Have a frost day~
It's Chrono Cross: On The Beach Of Dreams.
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