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chuck's norris level.

I'm learning to use the lunar magic. I already built a level I hope to participate in this contest and the next ones.
OK, I played your entry. This is my kind of a level - lots of questionable designs. I like that, but I know most people aren't fan of that. Mistakes that I spotted in your entry:

1. Your patch is intended for SMW rom modified by base rom. You would like to change that, so people will use it on unmodified SMW rom.

First section

2. Deadly start - if you don't jump or go left in first second, you are dead.

3. First P-switch - You give a P-switch and on the right there is vine protected by brown block. Player can waste his P-switch on a completely useless vine.

4. Coin arrow - after using P-switch coin arrow change into blocks. Player doesn't know what's down there and that he must fall where coin arrow is pointing. This will probably be unfair hit.

5. At the very end of first section there is cut-off pipe and cut-off lava. You can actually stand on this cut-off pipe, get pushed to the left and fall through cut-off pipe to your doom.

Second section

6. You don't explain that blue P-switch must be used in the place you found it. Otherwise you will need to return to this place jumping from swimmable lava fall. That's annoying.

7. Big X made from coins isn't good explanation that grey water acts like lava.

8. Again silver switch must be used in place you found it. Putting it back can be really tough.

9. Getting through munchers is hard when you are big. And if you manage to do that, it's easy to overshoot and land in lava.

Third section

10. You forgot to explain that in this section lava acts as lava.

11. Grey rock (climbing net replacement) with munchers on top. You know that it's very hard to grab net edge. I beat this section only by tanking it.

12. Second star block. After realizing second star, it bounces into top border of the level and despawn.
I fixed some problem. see the new download in the vldc 11 rules section
new colors for the level

I wouldn't keep the dirt that way. Change into red is too abrupt in my opinion. It's the safest to make red a lighter shade of blue.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

My next level for vldc 12 will be called "That Level Again"
Originally posted by huebrbr
I forgot to update my vldc link. the link is to a deleted file sorry. if possible pass this my fault the right link is here.

Wrong thread, and you're way too late to submit an entry. The deadline passed 16 hours ago.